Looking for a black/gray matte countertop

threegracesFebruary 9, 2013

I was all set on enhanced (which I don't fully understand), honed opalescence as it fits the budget, but then I saw scary pictures of water spots and smudges. I thought that would be more of a problem with polished showing smudges but apparently not.

It must be:
-dark gray/black
-matte or at least not highly reflective
-relatively uniform/low movement
-relatively bulletproof
--it does not have to be granite but I would like stone

I used to have time to be utterly, wonderfully TKO but with a baby, I'm TBO(totally baby obsessed) and TTO (totally tired out). Appreciate the help.

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threegraces-there was a recent thread on a Steele Gray granite that I linked below. I think it meets most of your criteria BUT I don't know cost. I am thinking it would be within you I am thinking of a dark leathered or honed myself. I think mpagmom's kitchen also has kodiak brown that is leathered - looks great! It doesn't really look brown to me but that is on the screen so it may or may not work for you. mpagmom's kitchen

I hope that helps. Enjoy baby, not long before baby is toddler then tween! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Steele Gray Granite Link

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I don't know why you didn't get more help with this, threegraces.

Thanks Autumn.4 for the compliment. The kodiak brown doesn't look brown at all, but it has a brown undertone. Some other dark granites I looked at had more of a blue undertone in comparison.

Steele gray is one of the least expensive granites. I put it in my basement and I really like it. I'd like it better honed, I think, but that wasn't an option from the fabricator I worked with. I'm not a big fan of polished granite, but I like this one polished. I got mine through Ikea so I could get 15% off by spending a certain amount on kitchen stuff. I've also seen it at Home Depot and it is one of their least expensive options. Incidentally, Home Depot and Ikea around here (SW Ohio) use the same fabricator, and they did a fantastic job. I liked them better than my main kitchen fabricator, but it was a small job and not tricky at all.

Call a few granite yards and see what options they have in a black or dark gray with a honed or leathered finish. I recall liking Atlantic Black quite a bit and it was available in both finishes.

Everything I looked at was well under $100 installed, but that may be regional. My kodiak brown leather (70 sq ft with two sink cutouts) was about $65/sq ft installed. My steel gray (with one sink cutout) was closer to $45/sq ft installed.

Good luck with the kitchen and the baby!

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soapstone may fit the bill

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Like Remodelfa said - soapstone. This is my Belvedere

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Maybe concrete?

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