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blackcats13August 3, 2009

Summary: Our roofers can't communicate. We paid our deposit mid June and were rescheduled multiple times and were finally completed end of July because I pitched a fit. I understand weather delays - I don't understand the inability to notify the clients that are expecting you to arrive the next morning, and the inability to let them know the new possible date as well.

We told them several times how important it was to not damage our neighbors property. We were reassured that they would take every precaution and we had nothing to worry about. However, they did not. They took down the "protection" before they were done taking off the old roof. Our neighbors on both sides were damaged. On one side there are a couple bad gouges in his previously pristine siding. The other neighbor had slate siding luckily, however their new window trim is bent in several places.

In addition, as mentioned in a previous post they somehow managed to knock out some of the electric in the front of the house and left a bunch of nails scattered about our property. The gutters were not replaced the next day as they should have been, we had a lot of rain and got rain in the basement. No damage, but another example of the problems we've had.

Last time we spoke with them was a week this past Saturday. I recapped with him before he left:

1. Have a local electrician they work with call us and setup an appointment.

2. Have their guy come out with the magnetic thing and get the nails.

3. Have project manager send us the pictures of the huge amt of rotted wood they supposedly replaced, as we were told over and over again we would receive.

4. Work out an acceptable solution to the neighbor with the gouged siding. He and that neighbor agreed to work on it without our involvement.

5. Discuss with his boss the solution the other neighbor wanted - which was to take $500 off our bill and we would work it out with him. I think he wanted to save us some money, but I'd rather have his windows fixed!

As of this weekend none of those things had been done, though I can only guess about number 2. Today DH called him again (why are WE always calling HIM?). This is what DH emailed to me:

Talked to [our contact at the company] Â heÂs offering $250 cash to [neighbor with gouged siding], and $150 cash plus fixing windows to [neighbor with windows]. Says heÂll talk to his project manager about emailing us the pics and stuff today, and will call his electrician today. Meaning he didnÂt do it last week.

What would you do? Would $250 be acceptable? I have not paid them anything but the 1/3 deposit to date.

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At a time when most contractors are short of work, your particular roofer's performance is really hard to fathom.

Do not pay any additional money until all your complaints and your neighbors' are satisfied.

Avoid deals like the $500 proposal. This puts you in the position the contractor should be in, namely taking care of the damage he caused.

Document all the damage with photographs if you possibly can. These will be invaluable should you find it necessary to go to court.

Contact your local Better Business Bureau.

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Do not pay. The worst they can do is take you to court, where you can explain your loss.

DO take pictures. DO encourage the roofer to deal with the neighbor directly (as nice as your neighbor is, it shouldn't be your responsibility to handle the damage and you could end up getting stuck with a bigger loss even though the guy sounds like a sweetheart). DO tell them "I will not pay you until you have made things right." You should not be paying for imaginary materials, and should not be doing repairs to damage caused by the roofer (the electrical, the nails, and the neighbor's property). Make sure the pile of wood pic they will send was actually taken of your wood at your house!!

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