Look out--I got a label maker

Frankie_in_zone_7August 28, 2008

Oh my. I just got a PT-1880. I may never surface again--may spend all day labelling.

Actually I am starting in my "work office" (have office staff but am on my own for my own files, a lot of computer stuff, and so forth) as opposed to labelling stuff at home, which I will take on a bit later. So it's the good and bad, because while nobody bothers me in my own office, still, as the song says, "I am free to make a big mistake" and nobody is organizing or keeping up for me, either. So I spent years with hand-labelled files and some old typed file labels. Computerized printing labels just didn't seem to match my needs for occasional and eclectic labelling so I never got into that.

What's interesting and fun is that I am combining it with a major toss-out of too much paper, too much accumulated junk, out with the old projects, make room for new ideas and new ventures. So the act of purging files and re-labelling files and having such lovely legible labels is synergistic, 'cause I'm able to see things better and then can see hmm, I don't really need this or that, plus the more lovely and neat progress I make, the more neat and streamlined I want to get, so I toss more junk. It is just so much easier to see the things that I seemed to have kept for not very good reasons, somehow. It's even worth wasting some label tape because occasionally I make a label and then because I took time to consider what it was, I may say, why the heck do I need that? And poof, out it goes.

Then too, it helps reinforce the place for everything approach, so I am both finding it easier to find things and to put things away after use.

So from a paper file standpoint, I started off with my existing 2" hanging file tabs, but then I noticed, since I am switching finally to having all the tabs lined up on one side, and I like a larger font size, prefer one row of type and a reasonably descriptive file name, why don't I go to 3" labels? Might be worth doing some of them over.

Any fun input from file label junkies out there?

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I don't have any real advice.

But I just wanted to cheer you, and chuckle with you. It's so funny how getting a new gadget can rev us up, isn't it?

And yes, there IS a practical advantage and effective difference, and visible advantage as well, to making things look nice.

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I'm glad your new gizmo has got you motivated to spruce up your office. I'm sure you'll find tons of reasons to use it at your house too! Keep up the good work! :)

~Surfer~ (back from summer break)

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Well, my next project is to cull my bulging files and clear out the four chock-full drawers of paper that I've been avoiding for far too long. Hmmmm. A label maker would make it more fun and might actually inspire me to DO it instead of just talking about it ... geez, I may have to get one myself!

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I love, love, love, my label maker. And if you need to change anything, the labels come right off and you can stick them again!!!

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I am a label junkie. I have 2, a Dynamo LetraTag and a Brother PTouch. My mom is a labeler from way back so I inherited the labeling gene from her.

I labeled the shelves in my linen closet with what goes where. My DH came to me and told me there were no queen sheets in the closet. So I went with him and showed him the "Queen Sheets" label and the pile of sheets on the shelf. I learned just b/c you label it doesn't mean they'll see it......

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It is fun, isn't it?

sheriz6, go for it!

It seems to help me with the "pride of place" issue and things look neater and brighter. Plus labelling makes me stop and think more about how I'm going to organize my ideas and projects.

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I love mine, the small Brother model. I have labeled and LABELED! Labels are easy to read, even the rest of people in the house are taking time to READ them. Labeled boxes are saving me much time in having to check because I can't rememeber WHICH container I put things into.

Labeler price is pretty cheap. They get you on tape refills. Price of tape is not cheap, but buying two spools at once saves a couple dollars, and you can make a lot of labels per roll. I buy at Staples. I just get white tape and print black on it. Works on all containers. Have worn out one set of batteries! This is SO MUCH nicer than hand written labels.

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