Living room layout ideas

Sunny1520August 27, 2013

I purchased this house few months ago and since then i have been trying to figure out how will i arrange my living room furniture. I do want my TV mounted over fireplace. I will be closing my house in a month and i still dont have any idea how will i place my furniture in my living room. so anyone with anykind of advice, please share it with me.

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How will the room be used?
What furniture do you want in there?

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i do not want this room to be used as dining area. I only want it to be used as living room. I want to start with nice sofa set that could at least sit 10 people comfortably. and i am unsure about the leftover space if there is any. any suggestion will be great. Thanks

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Do you already have the furniture that you will use, or are you planning on buying new things? If you already have the furniture, can you tell us what it is?

And a few more questions. What do you want to do in this room? Watch TV, for one. But entertaining? Eating? Snacking? Reading? Quiet chat with a glass of wine? Gaming? Board games?

Will any small children be using the room? Do you need storage for toys, DVDs, books, craft/hobby supplies?

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I will be buying all new furniture. Living room will only be used for watching TV and whenever we have guests over. No small children in the house. I plan on having all my gaming consoles on the second floor family room. So basically, i only want sofa set(i havnt figure out how will i organize them). and then i will look at my choices if there is any space left.

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My first thought is that putting the TV over the fireplace is not a good place, if you want 10 people to be able to watch TV at the same time. You are putting the TV on one of the narrow walls of the room, and there's a limit as to how many seats you can get facing the TV at a comfortable angle, because you only have 11 feet to work with.

So you probably aren't going to like my suggestions, but I'm typing them out anyway. Sorry.

Split the room up into two seating areas. Center one around the fireplace and one around the TV set, which will be on that long stretch of wall opposite the windows at the other end of the room.

Put two chairs, one on either side of the fireplace, angling into the room. Put a loveseat or small sofa opposite them, facing the fireplace. A low coffee table or ottoman in between them. A small side table for one of the chairs, plus a lamp, either a floor or a table lamp, to create a cozy reading area.

You could put a sofa table along the back of the loveseat/sofa for more lamps, or decorative objects, stacks of books or magazines, etc. You might also have room there for a small table and two chairs for playing board games or having a little snack or jotting a note or the like.

Then in the "bottom" part of the room, either a great lounge-y sectional or a sofa and loveseat in an "L" formation, with the longer part of the sectional (or the sofa) facing away from the windows towards the TV on the wall. The short arm of the sectional (or the loveseat) would be in the middle of the room, with its back to the fireplace.

A big, comfy ottoman in the middle would be a coffee table most of the time, extra seating when you need it. There would probably be enough room for another chair, either on the TV wall or against that half wall. The chairs from the game table could be easily moved if you need more chairs for TV watching.

You can use area rugs to define the two separate areas.

If you try to make the room one large seating area with the TV over the fireplace as the focal point, everything will need to be angled to that one wall, and arranging the furniture will not be easy. You could probably do it, with the right size sectional, but you will be left with a lot of "dead" space at the bottom of the room, which will seem to have no real purpose.

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Have you asked this question on the decorating forum? Some of the people there are good at this.

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Great suggestion. Really appreciated. The TV doenst have to be over the fireplace. That was my first choice but i am not firm on it.

@cloudy_christine No i havn't. i figured this would be the right forum. But i will post the question there too. Thanks

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