Lost weight, cleaning out closet!

funky83August 15, 2007

OK - here's my situation: I've recently lost over 25 lbs. and now have all these clothes that are size 12's. I'm in mostly 10's and 8's now. I still want to lose more but have hit a plateau and not really losing much more. I've bought a few new clothes (I work in an office and have to dress up during the week, Friday is jean day). But my closet is full of these 12's that I keep holding onto, thinking that I MIGHT gain the weight back and don't want to part with nice clothes, even if they are too big for me. I'm thinking of cleaning them all out, storing them in storage bins in my storage building, and thus, freeing up space for new clothes, a size or two smaller. My question is - how long do ya'll hold onto clothes that are too big (or too small) before you get rid of them. I've done this before in past years and held onto the too-big clothes for about 3 years, only to find that when I DID finally gain the weight back and got back in those bigger sizes, the styles had changed and I no longer wanted the clothes. Any suggestions?

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Lena M

Yahoo, you go Funky!
Big applause!

Those baggy old clothes are gone*, cause you are never ever ever gonna get to that size again! Keeping the old size around is psychologically setting yourself up for a regain.

Keep a close watch, and if anything like a 3 lb gain starts happening you nip it right in the bud. Eat less, exercise more.


*gone = charity, trash, whatever works for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thin for life - see page 150

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Congratulations Funky!!!!! Well done :-)

My advice would be to most definitely, absolutely, right away get rid of the clothes!!!!!

If you keep them, subconsciously you will know they are there and could easily give yourself permission to get back to that size.

Believe in yourself that you will not regain the weight, and you will never need them again :)
It's a pretty awesome feeling, trust me!!

I have recently lost 50 pounds, got rid of my old clothes when they no longer fitted, and have kept the weight off!!

Swmbo :)

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If you can find an upscale consignment shop, take a few pieces there and get a "reality check" as to whether that stuff really has any value in the market. (I got a huge wake up call and realized things do go out of style and have little value pretty quickly.) While you are there, take note of what is available - should you ever need things. Then go to a Goodwill and note the massive amounts of clothing there available to you as well.

You will soon realize it makes no sense to hold on to the bulk of all that clothing for a "what if" scenario. Let it go.

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I lost 35-40 lbs last year and went thru the same thing. Little more drastic size change -- I went from a 14 to a 3-5.

It is depressing to throw away perfectly good clothes --just because they are too big. You should be able to have some things altered to your new size.

But whatever you do --- don't keep them "as is". The best motivation is having tiny clothes in your closet.

I watch my weight carefully -- 2 -3 lbs up and its back to the stricter diet for a few days, Thats the only way I can stay in control.

Congrates on your great weight loss!!!! How did you do it??


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Funky, Kudos on the weight loss!! I agree with the previous posters...ditch the size 12's. I have found that when something starts to feel snug on me it's a wake up call...time to cut back on the food! If I had a larger size hanging in my closet..I may wear that and not get the wake up call...ya know what I mean? I wouldn't bother storing them...donate them.

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I vote donate or consign also. Someone out there could use those clothes right now.

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