Toiletries, Make-up, Nail care..etc

arizonaroseAugust 16, 2007

Where do you all keep this stuff? Do you categorize it or just keep it all together? Right now I have a sm tote bag for all my nail care stuff...a basket for my facial cleanser, scrubs, nite creams etc, and my hair care stuff is filling a pretty big rubbermaid container under the vanity. Then there's the make up...kind of all thrown together in a large make up bag ( that's hard to see what I really have)

Seems like I have way too much personal care I the only one? I use most of it, but it does seem to multiply..and lasts a looong time. ( don't think I've ever finished off a bottle of nail polish, and some hair products I just quit using after I change hair styles, but want to keep because they are so expensive & I may go back to that spikey hair cut again...

I'd love to hear what you all do, and know that I'm not alone in this area..

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Well, the only hair care stuff I have is shampoo and conditioner. So that is very manageable.

Nails... clippers and file in every medicine cabinet. Two bottles of polish in the master bath. That's all I need, so that's all I keep.

"facial cleanser, scrubs, nite creams etc, "
I don't have but one facial scrub, and it is kept in a wall valet near the shower. None of the other stuff you mention...

Makeup - there I am unusual. I just have mascara and eyeliner for daily use, and blush for special occasions. That's it. They live in the master bath on may side of the medicine cabinet.

I am really a low-maintenance kind of gal!

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I've got a narrow but tall built in cabinet on one of the walls in my master bath where I keep nail polishes/remover and perfumes, basically the breakables. I've got my makeup supplies in a smallish tote w/ a handle for daily taking out/putting back under the sink, and the larger or less used stuff is in a larger tote also under the sink, which I can just kind of slide out a bit and get what I need. DBF has the same set up on his side (instead of make-up he's got shaving supplies & hair product in his smaller bin).

DD's toiletries are a bit more of a challenge to keep organized, and what I have just recently done is to put an unused over the door clear plastic shoe organizer over the back of her bathroom door. Now she's got earrings, necklaces, bracelets, nail polishes, barrettes, scrunchies, hairspray, gel, make up, skin creams, lanyards for school id, etc. etc. etc. all separated, visible and easily accessible. I'm hoping this will keep her more organized. Larger items are stowed in her now mostly empty vanity drawers.


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Similar to clear plastic shoe organizer mentioned above. We found a bunch of tupperware like things that fit the shelves in the hall closet. They function rather like drawers that can be removed.

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Thanks everyone, for the tips! I guess what I really need to do 1st off is get rid of some of the excess stuff. I'm going to try to use a lot of it up, toss some of it, and NOT buy anymore as long as I have so much.

Thanks again!

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I know what you mean about the inventory growing. I don't really like having all this extra stuff, but it just seems to happen! I try hard NOT to buy things that I already have 2 (or more) on hand.

I keep my nail stuff in a plastic box about the size of a shoebox. That way I can see everything. It's usually a mess because nothing stands up very well, but it works OK.

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I keep my plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner on a shelf near my bathtub. Nail supplies, tools, polishes, hand cream, etc. in a small zippered make-up bag. Ditto for my make-up, which consists of eyeliner. mascara, blush and lipstick. Tampax, etc. I keep in the cabinet underr my bathroom sink.

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