Kitchen Refresh BM-Gray Owl painted cabinets bad idea?

ginagordon_gwFebruary 4, 2013

Hi All -

I have been reading and learning so much from all of you that I was hoping you would give me some thoughts on a Kitchen Refresh I am kicking around.

Goals: Lighten up the space, replace leaking fixtures, update cost effective materials such as backsplash, light fixtures, door / drawer hardware. Keep appliances (except DW), keep dakota mahogany granite counters (not my favorite but looking to make it work). Need refresh to last 7-10 years until I can pull it all out and really do what I want.

Background: House is a 10 year old farmhouse cape on 6.5 acres in New England. Entire living area is open. House has a very casual relaxed feel which I love. I would say my style is casual traditional with a little glam thrown in for things like light fixtures. It is important to me that the space is in keeping of the house, the property setting, I don't want people to see the kitchen from the front door and say, "huh, that's interesting!"

1. Paint existing Cabinets a very light neutral gray, so far BM gray owl is in the lead to pick up the larger gray stone "jewels" the counter has in it.
2. Replace sink, leaking faucet, and broken dishwasher.
3.Replace hardware with mixture of bright chrome pulls and glass/crome knobs.
4. Replace backsplash with a Carrara basket weave gray dot mosaic tile
5. Add new lighting above window (this is a task heavy area and current lighting casts many shadows)
6. New lighting above dining table - seriously considering having 2 chandeliers instead of just one. Existing table is being replaced with a longer farmhouse table.
7. Painting wood trim and doors, not the beams - a shade of white.

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Please don't destroy a premium wood like cherry by slapping a short-lived trend like gray paint on them. Think about their resale value in 7 years when you replace them. Someone in New England will appreciate cherry cabinets.

Everything else sounds good, but hard to tell with the photo. There is a sense of dark and dreary in the space. I'd probably put down a long rug or two to break up the wood tones. Look for something that brings in lightness and color. Maybe a new dining room rug too?

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I wish there were more pictures of your kitchen!

I like the idea about painting the cabinets a light gray. Have you tried holding a poster board with the Gray Owl up to the floor? The floor looks somewhat orangey to me. The Gray Owl has a slight greenish tinge to it and I wonder how they would look together. Always hard to tell from pictures but in real life I'm sure you can tell if they work well together.

Have you searched Houzz and Pinterest for "Gray Kitchens"? You will be amazed at the ideas for paint colors to consider.

Chandeliers over the table... without knowing the new table's length I can't comment, but a rectangular light fixture would be nice over a long table. I have seen three chandeliers hung over some long tables, sort of close together to make quite a statement. (I have a thing for odd numbers...)

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Would like to see more pictures of the space. From what is shown, I would think that painting the dark island a lighter color, putting in a lighter backsplash and getting lighter mats for the floor would help brighten it up without painting those nice cabinets.

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Kristen Hallock

Your cabinets look beautiful as they are. I would not paint them. Are they cherry??

I would do something about that orangy backsplash and maybe repaint the walls a brighter color.

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Molly Phillips

What do you not like about your current kitchen? I ask because you said the granite wasn't your favorite but you're willing to "make it work." If the counters are the problem, or you want an overall lighter look, I'd get new counters before painting the cabinets, not only because they are beautiful on their own, but you're going to pay big $$ to get a durable paint job on those cabinets (lots of labor costs for a professional; lots of headaches for you if you DIY and it may not last without chipping, etc). In the end, it may be cheaper to get new counters/backsplash and find something you love there to hold you over for 10 years.

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I agree with lovetodream.

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Sophie Wheeler

Since the island is already painted, I'd start there. Paint it. Leave the perimeter alone except for the backsplash and some wall paint. Address the kitchen's lighting needs in order to make it "brighter". Our eyes need more light as we age, and money spent on doing that will never go amiss. Even if you decide later to completely replace those cabinets, the money that you spend now on properly lighting the space will NEVER be wasted.

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First, thank you all for the feedback this is why I wanted more opinions.

I have more pictures but can't seem to upload more than one at a time.

It is nice to hear that at least the cabinets look good from afar. They are not solid cherry if they were solid cherry fronts, I agree I would not be so quick to paint them, they are just a cherry veneer. I included a close up of the cabinets to give you an idea they aren't in great shape.

Bee - your kitchen is amazing! thanks for the thoughts. I never noticed the orangey floors but you are right they do look that way and now that I am looking at it, it is overcast from the cabinets. Good idea of painting up a couple of boards, I have little swatches taped all over the space because we get a lot of sun movement in the space throughout the day.
The table is 108 inches long, I am drooling over James Moder florale chandelier but need two of them. I don't think I could get DH to agree to three! LOL.

A couple of responders noticed the island, the island is a just big box, open box deal, I don't think we paid $300 bucks for it, its a dark stain. Not worth refinishing.

I would love to replace the counters, but with the sq ft we need it would be double that of a professional painting the cabinets, and I am really afraid that they would just look worse!

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more photos

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close up of cabinet condition

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close up of counter -

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close up of backsplash

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I also think your cabinets look really lovely. Additionally they seem to go very well with the beautiful wood beams. I absolutely agree with khallock and lovetodream that there are other changes I would opt for before painting the cabinets. For me, the first thing to go would be the backsplash. I think a lighter backsplash that isn't competing with the wood cabinets and floors would do wonders.

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why are the cabs"not in good shape"? they look like teak or mahogany-clean and use a touch up stick for the scuffs-that's all I see. good solid looking frames. You have drawers and attractive wall cabs.The island looks a little undersized and it's lower for some reason-can you take it apart and insert some cabs to make it bigger/paint it all and fix the height[or do a 2 height setup combining new with old parts] and get some stools or some sort of overhang at least.

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i would not mess with the cabinets, they look pretty good to me. how about some wood restoring product. Agree backsplash and hardware. I wish I had such a kitchen to start with, looks pretty darn good to me!

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