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marie26August 30, 2008

This forum has always kept me on track in my organizing days. Since I know I must stop procrastinating (see my other post asking for help on how to accomplish this), I've decided to try this for now.

I will make a pledge to work on something that should not take longer than a few hours and come back to post here when it's done.

My first project is sorting and filing over 9 months worth of bills and papers.

Does anyone want to join me?

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I finished filing that one box of papers. I still have to file the few papers that have piled up by the incoming mail that hadn't made it to the box.

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I will join you Marie26. I cleaned and organized two cabinets and three drawers this afternoon. Music helped. The radio or tapes help too. Thirty minutes of computer time is my reward for finishing each task.

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Doesn't it feel good, Lexi? In between I found more papers in another box and filed those. I like the idea of 30 minutes computer reward time.

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Yay! Way to go ladies! I was lazy today and went thrifting and garage saling to find a few things for our grandson. He's going to have his first sleep over Sunday night without his Daddy with him. I was too pooped to do anything when I got home. Hubby takes care of bills so no filing for me anymore. And I LOVE to file things.

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I finished those papers by the incoming mail. Next I have only one organized box of papers to get into the filing cabinet and one (maybe two if I run out of room) drawers to clean out.

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I finally finished all the papers in the office. They're either filed or thrown out. There are no boxes of papers left to deal with. Next in my office (which will be another day) is the mess of stuff on top of the filing cabinet. There are a few shoeboxes of more stuff, that came from the junk drawers in my last house. Then my office is done, well, almost done, since I should straighten out its closet which holds all my clothes. For now, though, I'm quite proud of myself. I moved here 7 months ago and it took me this long to finish this room. Better late than never, I guess.

Having posted this thread really did help me today.

Who's next?

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I still have papers to go through and will start that maybe in the evening but probably not get it done until after the kids go back to school. I seem to be shuffling them around all weekend. Most of mine I am sure is probably for the shredder.

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I've just been forced to clean my kitchen which still has dishes from Friday night. I was so involved in the office clean-up yesterday, I didn't touch the kitchen.

My landlord just informed me they are finally (after 6 months) going to replace the screen door in the kitchen this afternoon. So, instead of procrastinating on that one until tomorrow, I must clean it now. My plan for today was going shopping for some things for myself and then I have a hairdresser appointment and hubby agreed to go out for supper tonight. My plans for an easy day off just went away but at least I won't have to deal with the kitchen tomorrow.

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As soon as I get off this darn computer, I am going to take every single piece of clutter off my kitchen table. "Bye for now!

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I finished the kitchen except for the floor but my Scooba will take care of that once it's charged. Nothing like being forced to do something. A clean kitchen does feel good though and it's sunny here today so it feels that much better.

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i got my kitchen table cleaned off, I needed to so we could eat dinner. I made beef and vegeTAbles stir-fry. Brownies for dessert. Tomorrow (Monday0 I'll do more of the kitchen clean-up.

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I was thinking about you last night, Jannie. Glad you got the table cleaned off. One of these weeks, I'll get into my drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and reorganize everything.

As it turned out, the landlords came to change the door but it wasn't the kitchen door (which also needs changing), it was the laundry room door to the outside. That room wasn't terrible but definitely not as perfect as I'd like for a landlord to see it. DD went out early this morning and surprised us with breakfast so my kitchen is still clean. I'm going away tomorrow for a few days on business. I expect to come home to a mess but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

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I finally finished sorting through the boxes that were sitting on top of the filing cabinet. Everything was put away or thrown out. Before, I hardly noticed it but now the bookcase looks messy. So, I will need to fix that by deciding which books actually belong in this valuable space.

The bookcase sits next to the TV and is in my line of sight. There is no other place for it in the room and it fits nicely in its spot. On those shelves, however, are books that relate to projects never finished. Does that "reminder" hinder me from going forward? Should those books be boxed up and put out of sight?

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I "tetrissed" DD's closet today.

She is 20 and away at college. She also spent the summer away at an internship and was only home for a few days. We replaced her carpet this summer, so all of her things were moved into DS's room.

She only brought a portion of her stuff back to school this year and intends to rescue the rest at some point, but I need at least one of the other bedrooms to be guest-ready!

She had most of her heavier-weight clothes in a duffel, which fit on the floor of her closet. Her bin of pots and dishes fit on a shelf, as did her 5 or 6 bags of other miscellanea. Finally, I was able to fit her music stand on top of the drawer unit.

Thank goodness she has a large closet!

Now if I could only get her brother home for a few days to do a purge of his clothes and books!

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