send pictures of your tile in sink installations

laurielou177August 4, 2011

Anyone have pictures of tile in sink installations they can send. We have someone looking at possibly doing one. The installation instructions for a new Kohler tile in sink show tiling right up to the sink, but don't show putting pieces of tile around the edge (bull nose or other special shaped pieces in a contrasting color?). Some more pictures of newer as well as original tile in installations would help - with or without any contrasting edging.

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You might find the thread linked below helpful for both your questions. Do a search of the forum for something like "kitchen tile" too; you never know what you might turn up.


Here is a link that might be useful: tile thread

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Thanks so much for the link to the pictures. We wish there were more tile countertops w/sinks for us to look at in person, but pictures help.We realize it's really not the current trend, but it's what really draws us to many kitchens. We will probaly just limit it to our countertop w/the sink and then do simple wood on the other 2 countertops. Thanks again.

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Fori is not pleased

Mid fifties bathroom sinks:

I'd like to do this in the kitchen but with a different tile shape on front--this one is apparently prone to dings and that's probably why the kitchen tile is long gone.

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Thanks for the bathroom tile photos. That's different than other installations I've seen. Sounds like you like the tile, just not the edging? We are trying to figure out what edging would be most practical as well as look right. This doesn't look like any older or newer stuff that I've seen.

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Fori is not pleased

I love the look of the edging and how I can get the counters really really really wet when cleaning them. Not only is the edge high, but they do have a noticeable slope. But after less than 60 years, the front edge pieces are showing some wear. A few are cracked and chipped. I just can't imagine them holding up to someone slinging pots and pans around. They are rectangular in cross section (with the groovy top) and a more eased edge might be more durable. If one didn't want the drip edge I think the look could be replicated with a flat thin contrasting bullnose tile. Of course, this look requires nice wood UNDER the tile since the tile doesn't wrap around like you normally see (I think these cabinets were probably a nice birch once upon a time).

That could be an injury from when the green toilet was removed. (It's been cleaned since we moved in. Eww.)

Great concept, and I guess decent durability for a bathroom, considering how beat up this house is...but I'm sure there are better edging options out there now.

The sink tile-in method I think is fairly standard, but the front edge is new to me too. It was done throughout the subdivision (~1600 homes built in the mid 50s) as well as the school the builder installed. They still have cute low yellow sink counters in the kindergarten classrooms done the same way. I guess kindergartners don't ruin tile. I think "builder grade" wasn't a bad thing back then, or at least not in this subdivision. These homes had very nice finishes.

I think it's a great look in the kitchen--just please don't do that shade of pinkytannish please ! :)

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