Brass 'dust-busters' on the stairs?

alisonAugust 18, 2009

I'm still in tthe honeymoon phase with my 1900 brick 3-story, which seems to be in astonishingly good shape, considering I'm the 13th owner.

When I first looked at the house I noticed these curved triangular brass pieces nailed in the corners of the first floor stairs. The first flight of the first floor staircase has them in both corners of all the steps, the second flight is missing most of them.

I'm assuming these are some sort of amazing labour-saving device for the mod turn-of-the-century housekeeper, to prevent dust from accumulating in the corners of the steps.

Does anyone know what they're called?

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D'oh! Forgot to post the picture!

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Yes....stair dust corners

Here is a link that might be useful: Stair Dust Corners

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Circus Peanut

Van Dykes has them for a lot less than Rejuvenation, just fyi. $22 or so for 12 corners instead of $5 each.

Here is a link that might be useful: dust corner package of 12 in 3 finishes

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Perfect in a home built just before the invention of that ubiquitous modern wonder--the electric vacuum cleaner.

(Wonder whatever happened to the gasoline powered vacuum cleaner?)

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Gasoline powered vaccum cleaner? And I think lugging around a full size cleaner is cumbersome!

Thanks for the id and the links. Mine are the simpler, plain brass (altho' I really like the embossed ones). I doubt I'll be replacing the missing ones any time soon (refinishing the steps is pretty far down the to-do list!) but it's cool to know what they are.


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The first vacuum cleaners were literally suction bellows with a hose attached. You pumped it with one hand while manipulation the nozzle with the other. another ZOMG moment in the progress of humans.

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