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RayRunnerAugust 21, 2014

Hi, been looking at this forum for months for ideas on working on my 1895 house. I have a question I could not find any answer to in the forum. I have a number of big windows in my garage (addition added in the 1940's and is heated garage) with two very large windows on the north wall. I want to close the windows off but as I seen in this forum before I should wait and live in the house for awhile. I am thinking using 3/4" plywood painted to trim color as a replacement for the storm window and leave the original windows in place. Anybody done this? Any suggestion on actually doing this to minimize any impact to the window frame? Thanks in Advance.

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What is your goal?

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Hi, my short-term goals are to improve security of my garage, the windows are on the least visible side of the house. Secondly they are north facing and currently do not have storm windows on them and so I would like to reduce air infiltration. Thirdly I do not just want to pull out the windows which have been part of the history of the house before I do anything permanently.

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I am by no means an expert, but that seems like a good way to go. If the exterior trim is wood, drilling a few screws into it to attach the plywood isn't going to hurt because the holes can be filled if and when the time comes.

That's how I went about covering an interior fireplace opening when I first moved into my house. I used 1/4 inch plywood because of the weight.

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