Thoughts? Picked Granite Azul Delicatus and now panicked

juliejoyceFebruary 14, 2014

I am new to this board - I have been looking on here for a while becuase you guys have such great ideas! I need some advice. Yesterday I was sure I was going to get a Bordeaux River stone (the browner one pictured below) and today I flip flopped to the Azul Delicatus (the whitish with blue and yellow running through). I loved them both and really think I would like the Azul better long term and since they are both the same price, we decided on the Azul. Well, I just called to tell the fabricator that is the one and as soon as I hung up, I was in a complete panic that I picked the wrong one. AHHHH!!! Does anyone have any Azul Delicatus installation pictures to help me feel good about my decision? I LOVED it at the yard, like it stopped me dead in my tracks, so I think I am just panicking because I obsessed about it for so long? The Bordeaux River was also stunning though - ahhhh!!! Any thoughts. Thank you!

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Oops - here is the Bordeaux River.

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The Bordeaux River complements your cabinets much better. It's a work of art! I'm not a fan of the cool tones of the Azul Delicatus with the spice tones of the cabinet. It would look fine if you were thinking of painting the cabinets white though.

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As posted, i agree with live-wire. However, it's hard to say because your cabinet looks so much different in the second picture than the first. How does the yellow/brown in the Azul match the cabinets?
By itself, I'd prefer the Azul because I prefer less movement.

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The Bordeaux River is beautiful - it would be the star of the kitchen, you would have to go with a very simple backsplash - but that would be okay, IMHO. I agree with noscoccermom that your cabinet looks very different in the two pictures.
What is your floor? Which stone ties in better with it?
No matter which you end up with, you will be able to tie everything in with the right BS and paint colours, floor too if this is a new build and you are choosing a new one.

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l love the first one pictured. I like that it is not as busy and dark as the second.

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Call him back and say you need another 24 - 48 hours. You should feel good about your choice. Excited nervous not in a total panic.

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I like the first granite better but just an observation...the second one really reminds me of our trip to Alaska. It looks exactly like the mountain ranges we flew over that had snow on them. Beautiful in nature but too much going on for me in my kitchen!

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I really don't think you can go wrong with either one. What look do you want in your kitchen? Cool or warm? Dark or light? Can you take a sample of both of them home and see how they look under your lighting?

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Ahh!!! They both look great with the cabinet at the stone yard. The Azul in person actually has a lot of yellow and blue in it and is not really as white as it appears. This picture from the stone yard's website is more what it actually looks like, but also doesn't show the yellows. I originally flocked to the warm tones because they did seem to tie in so nicely with the cabinets, but something about the Azul was SO beautiful and I just thought it would be something I wouldn't get sick of the way I might with the Bordeaux. The Bordeaux is knock your socks off stunning, but because it has so much movement and is so dark I thought it might be something I would get sick of? AHHH!!! My cabinets are a honey colored maple. They were here when we bought the house and they are in great shape otherwise I would rip them out and put in white which is what I really love. They didn't have samples of either stone. Now I feel even more confused!

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I love the Azul, and like nosoccermom, prefer a stone will less movement. To me, it's more soothing and I wouldn't tire of it. It's really lovely! I think it also looks better with your cabinets, at least on my monitor. I think there are less seaming issues with a quieter stone, too.

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How is the maintenance for the Azul? Usually lighter granites are more porous. Other people might be able to weigh in on the maintenance factor.

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I don't know. We did ask our fabricator that question because we have 3 small kids and a big reason we are even doing this to begin with is to add an overhang to our peninsula so the kids can eat at it. The fabricator told me as long as we sealed the granite every 6 months we would be okay, but I mean, he could also be sick of talking to me for all I know!

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Sealing every 6 months is pretty high maintenance to me. I have a darker granite that doesn't need sealed again for 15 years or so. Also with young kids in my house I wanted something that was nearly bullet proof. I need low maintenance.

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I love the Azul Delicatus. If DH wasn't set on a certain granite I could see going with this!
I think it would go nicely with any cabinets and you just have to think about matching backsplash, floors, etc. The yellow should give you lots of options. The movement in the other one would be too much for a countertop for me but I do lean more toward a clean and simple style. Consider what you want to do with the rest of the kitchen. The Bordeaux River would certainly make the granite the centerpiece and I think you would have to use less busy features for your backsplash and walls. If you have plans for those, I would consider that.

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What makes you hesitate to go ahead with the Azul?

What backsplash and wall color would you pick with either?

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Either one is beautiful. But, they are VERY different from one another.

You need to ask yourself,

* Do you want the stone to be the focal point? There isn't a right or wrong depends on your wishes. If you do want it the focal point, this means that your backsplash is going to need to play 2nd fiddle...and backsplashes can easily draw your attention because they are most people's sightline and they are vertical, rather than horizontal.
* Are you comfortable with the level of upkeep necessary for the lighter vs the darker?

Azul Delicatus is quite pretty, and a little more subdued, even though there's a lot going on with it...maybe a little easier for the eyes to process, perhaps a little more "serene"...she's a solid "supporting lady". Bordeaux River is lovely eye candy - she's the "bombshell leading actress" that walks into the room and every man, woman, and child stops what he or she is doing and stares at her.

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I was under the impression that sealing granite was an easy job--wipe it on, wipe it off. I think you'd mainly seal against water penetration in that stone, like for around a faucet. My Giallo Ornamental Light absorbs some water, but it's not noticeable. There is a website that lists the porosity of various granites. It's been posted here a few times.

They're both pretty. Were you able to bring samples home? The light in my home would be my first consideration.

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double post

This post was edited by nosoccermom on Fri, Feb 14, 14 at 19:30

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The second pic of the's gorgeous!

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I like the Azul. It will allow all the elements of your kitchen to be the star. I am afraid the Bordeaux may be overwhelming. Your cabinets are beautiful and they need to shine, too!

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So, I have no idea about backsplashes. We are splurging on the Azul OR the Bordeaux because they are both in the premium range where we are and we were originally trying for the low to mid range, but of course every single thing we love was premium. I was honestly just thinking of like a cream/white subway tile with sort of a brick look if that makes sense, but my husband is going to have to install it (which he can definitely do) because we blew our budget on the granite. Uggh. I love the idea of the granite being the focal point, but my biggest concern is that I tend to tire of things and this is a huge investment. I just can't see myself tiring of the Azul.

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I used Azul Platino (similar to your Azul) on my perimeter (white) cabinets, and have been very happy with the look. I have a long cherry island with white Veneto marble, and the total look is very beautiful. The Azul has not stained or spotted; I did chip the edge around the sink the first week, but it is not obvious. In fact, nothing shows on it, not even food or drink.That would be my only reservation if you are Mr./Mrs.Clean.

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" I just can't see myself tiring of the Azul."

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Sonnie, I am certainly (and unfortunately not) Mrs. Clean, but for some reason I have always been crazy about making sure the kitchen is cleaned up before I go to bed, so at least I know it will always be wiped down. Thank you nosoccermom, I think you are so right - I have definitely overthought it way too much. You guys have been so helpful!

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Well, I certainly understand.
It's not like the Azul is boring; it is still a stunning granite, and I think plenty exciting. In fact, in my opinion the Bordeaux River is like "Whoa, GRANITE!!!"

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I like the Azul so much better but I'm an Azul connoisseur, aficionado, admirer, lover of that Azul any variety. It's just so pretty!!! It's like clouds and the ocean mixed up together. A splashing foaming wave receding from the sandy beach. It's like melting snow on a sunny day it's smiles and miles of prettiness. It's it's it's well it's beautiful!

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That Azul is breathtaking to me! I absolutely love it!

getitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetit! :D

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For some reason the Bourdeaux looks 3D and makes my eyes cross. It really does look like a mountain landscape. It's your choice, I've seen cool toned colors work well with warm tones (1st picture), but like nosoccermom said, the cabinet lighting is different in both pictures so it's difficult to say.

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