OMG - I'm getting 'new' cabinets!!

blackcats13August 16, 2009

I'M SO EXCITED!!!! No more icky gooy sticky un-cleanable cabinets!! We got these from a local salvage company. Some high end house was bought and gutted and they sold the whole kitchen except the fridge! $1,100!! We will probably try to sell whichever extra appliances we don't use on Craigslist. Only 1 pic is uploaded, linked below.

Next steps:

1. get all measurements of current kitchen and make up a plan.

2. setup "temporary" kitchen area in dining room and pack most stuff away

2. "demo" current kitchen. pull out current cabs, move appliances out of the way, try very hard not to damage walls

3. put together new kitchen!

HA! If only it were that easy. I'm going to post in the kitchen forum too but since this is where I usually 'hang out' I wanted to post here first =D If anyone has any demo/renovation advice I'd be happy to hear it.

Here is a link that might be useful: one area of new cabs

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Very nice! These will be a great start to the new kitchen!

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Head on over to the forums at oldhouseweb. com.

There is tons of renovation experience and support over there.

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I know how you feel. After living without a "real" kitchen from the time I moved into my house, I was thrilled when we got our "new" cabinets. They are old farmhouse cabinets and still need finishing, but they are in my kitchen and they work. Yeehaw!!! That happened over a year ago and it still makes my day. We are far from done, but it is still worth it. I wish you all luck and happiness with your new kitchen. Just one piece of advice. Put all of your measurements on paper. Draw it out, and make any changes now. Good Luck!

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YaHoo!!! Lucky you! So happy for you, blackcats. Those look like great cabinets. Are they cherry? The kitchen forum will have tons of good advice for you. Consider getting some crown molding to really dress them up in your kitchen. Demo advice? Hmmm... go slow and easy if you want to do minimal damage. Have a couple of sizes of good nail pullers/pry bars. They are helpful for more than pulling nails. Think "deconstruct" rather than "demo". Clean as you go; get a decent shop vac. Get some plastic sheeting to mask off your doors to other rooms in the house. Paint before you install cabs - you'll have to touch up later, but much easier. Probably lots more to think about, but that's all I can come up with for now. Enjoy your new "adventure". -Kim

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Those cabs look great! Awesome find! When you head over to kitchens, look up circuspeanut. Their kitchen was also salvaged cabs. They "frankensteined" a couple cabs to make them fit their kitchen and DIYed their copper countertops. Gorgeous!

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Circus Peanut

Whoo hoo! I FEEL your joy, having done the same myself. (And I'm blushing, laxsupermom, thanks so much for the compliments.)

Most helpful thing we did was to draw the exact kitchen outlines on graph paper and create little graph paper squares for each and every cabinet we were getting. Then we played Dollhouse Kitchen for a while until we really liked the layout. We did wind up using all the lowers but didn't use three of the uppers -- it was a big high-end kitchen.

Another thing to look into: how flexible are your plumbing and gas lines? What are all the most logical places for the stove/cooktop according to your current piping/wiring? Could you add plumbing for another sink if you wanted to? If you want to move the location of the fridge and need an icemaker line, can you do that? Our kitchen is right above our unfinished 1922 basement, so we had full access to all piping and wiring, thankfully, and were able to move stuff around at will.

Think outside the box! We didn't want any corner cabinets, so we used a lower corner for a corner prep sink base instead. We stuck three cabs together and slapped a bookshelf on the back of them to make a nice wide peninsula. We used a wall oven cab for a farm sink base. We used extra upper doors to make a dishwasher panel.

In some ways I think it was a lot more fun because of the challenges and limitations -- easier to get started with given puzzle pieces than being overwhelmed by a big blank space. :-)


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Thank you thank you! Yes, kimkitchy they are cherry. If it was my dream kitchen they'd be dark, but ya know, I'm so happy to have them that I don't care! DH is renting a truck and picking them up tomorrow. I'm too busy to get off work, actually, I'm too busy to be here now :(

Thanks so much for the great advice so far! I measured EVERYTHING in the kitchen some months back so we went and bought some graph paper, thinking to play dollhouse (love that term) but I was quickly defeated by the math! Luckily, last night I grabbed the Sunset kitchen book from the library and there was the answer! This Punch! software that was on a dvd with it is pretty cool. I put together last night the walls/windows/doors, pantries, oven/stove, sink and frige as they are now and saved it as my 'base' design. I need to remeasure all the cabs when they get here since I don't trust the measurements we were given. If we like the software for the kitchen I think we will just buy the home design package for all the future stuff as well. Oh I wish I was at home playing with it now!

We do have access to the piping and wiring from the basement ... I'm going to really think about that. We want to move the frige, which would involve moving the electric switch just a little, but I hadn't thought about the sink. Probably stuck with the stove/oven where it is though. That doesn't seem to be a DIY job?

Anyway, I've been interrupted 3 times while trying to write this so obviously I have to get back to the real job :(

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Layout posted to kitchen forum if anyone is interested :)

Circuspeanut - I did a search but could not find your kitchen. Any pics I can see for inspiration?

The pickup today when semi-smoothly. There was a bit of trouble with the counters so there is 1 that broke into 2 parts (in an ok place thankfully) and some cracks. I'll worry about that after getting the layout nailed down. A little damage to the bottom of 1 lower cab, but still better then what I have today.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen forum post

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Hm. Got the wrong url, sorry!

Here is a link that might be useful: HERE is the kitchen forum post

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