How do you store your placemats???

catbirdAugust 6, 2006

We're planning some remodeling and one thing I'd like to come up with is a good way to store placemats. I hang the tablecloths on hangers in a closet, which works very well for me. Placemats right now are stacked in a server in the dining room and that's not working well. The mats I want are always on the bottom and there's no way to get them out without messing up the whole stack. I use as many as twelve of one kind at a time and the stack gets pretty deep. Suggestions and pictures would be appreciated.

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I use a lot of linen placemats and it is very vexing to want the kind that's on the bottom of the stack. No matter how careful you are, you can easily wrinkle a whole pile of them.

My solution was to design a cabinet with doors that open to reveal a bank of very close together pullout shelves, so each kind is stored in its own stack and I can peel off what I need in a jiff.

Below that I have several deeper (meaning the sides are higher) pullouts which are for napkins. I have some dividers on those to keep those stacks from falling over. As we only use cloth napkins, I need a lot of storage for them.



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I've seen them rolled gently and placed in a wine rack

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I was going to suggest that you roll them, even if you place them in the drawer. Stack each design, roll, and then stack the rolls. Then you only have to pick up a roll or two to get to the other ones.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I was considering the multiple shelves and am glad to hear that that can work. Had not thought of rolling the placemats up. That wouldn't work with the straw mats, but those are easier to dig under anyway.

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I have a cabinet which has a rod across it, towards the top. I've wondered if that was for hanging towels or something. I was thinking if you had a cabinet or space, you could put sets together with the skirt clips so they would hang down much like the tablecloths.


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I found a pretty square wicker trash basket..I roll my placemats and stand them up in the basket and they are near the table so anyone can HELP with setting the table. Now getting someone to HELP is often more trouble than storing my placemats!!

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Mine are in the linen closet, but it sounds like you have a lot more placemats than I do.

If there's room next to the tablecloths, why not hang the placemats too? I'm not sure how many would fit in one clip, but how about a multiple-skirt-hanger?

If you need to keep them in a drawer or on a shelf, can you store sets in large plastic bags - maybe a 2gallon ziploc bag? Even if they can't be closed up, it would keep the stack sorted by pattern and it would be easier to stack 5 bundles of placemats rather than 60 individual placemats.

Here is a link that might be useful: Multiple skirt hanger

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Thanks. The plastic bags would help with the oval lacy mats that wouldn't work on a skirt hanger. The two gallon size might be about right.

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