Switch from palm pilot to palm treo

maglagAugust 15, 2007

For those of you who have switched or are thinking of switching from the Palm Pilot to the Treo, what were/are the deciding factors? If you have switched, are you glad you did or do you regret your decision? I'm not sure if the Treo screen will be as good as the Palm Tungsten and if having too many functions make the Treo confusing. Part of me likes to keep things simple, but then I never thought I would love the Palm Pilot so much. Thanks for your input.

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I did a happy dance when my palm and my phone both croaked at the same time (phone screen cracked, Palm wouldn't turn off). I limped with both while madly researching Treo's. I had wanted a Treo for years.Then bought a 650 on Ebay the very day the iPhone came out. $192 used with no Internet plan. They list around 400 but you can get one free with a two year commitment to the Internet plan at 39/month over your cell service. I didn't need or want $900-950 in Internet service myself. I'm chosing to add on just enough to check Mapquest or the market or a movie time once in a while for $5 a month.

One factor in your decision is your carrier. Cingular/AT&T has their own(650), as does Sprint (?750). Or for a bit more you can get the universal ("unlocked") good with any carrier.

Next issue is the operating system. If you want to stay with Palm OS (I definitely did), then that eliminates the Windows-based phones.

Next is whether you want to use wifi. It is faster than the Internet option inherent in the Treo. I think only the top of the line (priciest) Treo comes with that capacity.

I could babble more but not sure what you need to know.

I am very very VERY happy with mine. It does need recharging every couple days (no biggie, so did my dying old phone). I was fearful of reception which has been a problem with multiple phones (and multiple carriers), but it has been great: no dropped calls and no 'breaking up' of calls. Big improvement.

I really like being able to take a call, switch to speaker phone, pull up the fle or my calendar and do whatever I need to do while I am on the call. No more juggling two things or using bits o paper as a transition. That is really really REALLY nice. And I like that my files, music pictures, recipes, project notes, work databases and forms, addresses ets are all always with me as long as I have the phone with me. Before I would always be deciding whether to take the Palm. Now it all is just there.

I'm happy. No regrets at all!

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Both my DH & I each have a Treo 650 with Cingular service and LOVE it. He syncs to a Windows PC & I sync to a Mac.

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I actually had 2 treo 650's(one work one personal) and just got rid of my personal one and my work is trying to get rid of those ones as well. Phone sound quality is quite poor on both of them( they are on 2 different networks) and the built-in internet is slow. I and several of my colleagues have had to have them replaced because of things going out on them ( one person is one her 4th or 5 th one!). I went back to my Tungsten for programs I need the Palm platform for but am slowly merging things onto my new Blackberry. I personally couldn't wait to get rid of it and hope to be rid of my work one soon.

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Thanks for your replies. After reading them, I thought more about it and finally took the plunge. Since I don't need the Treo for email at this point (that was a criticism,) I thought it would serve the other purposes for which I really need. I absolutely love that the phone and PDA are on the same unit. I also love that when I am talking to someone and they ask about plans, I can put them on speakerphone, and check my calendar without losing the call. This is especially helpful since I have 3 little ones and their schedules are so easily accessible. Oh, and I love the voice memo function, sometimes when I'm juggling my toddler and preschooler, they won't let me type into the task list, but I can always talk!

I work one day a week as an RN, but my scheduled date constantly changes. The kids' new school calendars and sports events are on the Treo, so when I make my work schedule I can check it against their schedules. Before I always forgot to take my PDA to work, but now that's it my cell phone, too, I never forget.

Thanks for your input!

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Happy you are liking it. I am still loving mine. Do be sure you have downloaded the most current OS program from the Palm site. Fixes some bugs and improves battery life.

Treonauts.com site is also helpful for lots of information.

Here is a link that might be useful: update

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