Flooring, Cabinets and Baby... Oh my!

llmhoganFebruary 28, 2014

My husband and I are proud parents of our 4th little one... which means that he needed to take on a home improvement project. :) Hubby removed old honey oak flooring and replaced with a dark walnut (which I love). The only problem is that we were still left with honey-oak cabinets. I bought some of the General Finishes gel in Java like so many on here have mentioned and worked the magic on the kitchen island. It's not yet complete but I need some help from you all in the next phase of the project. Here are my thoughts on options. 1) All remaining surrounding cabinets painted a creamy white. 2) Bottom cabinets stained with Java color and top painted creamy white. 3) All cabinets stained Java. The floors are dark and the space is small so I don't want to close it in anymore that it already is. Any advise would be sooooo appreciated. Oh and one more thing, all our appliances are white.

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Another look from this AM with lots of light coming in. Also thinking about changing wall color.

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I would paint all remaining cabinets white. I like the flow of white cabinets with white appliances. I also think the contrast of the white would look nice against your dark floors.

Congratulations on your newest addition to the family!

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I also think white would look nice in your kitchen (and would give you a "blank slate" with respect to wall color). Any chance you'd be replacing the countertops too? That would be my only concern, the white cabinets, white appliances and white countertops.

Congratulations on the baby>

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sjhockeyfan we probably won't be replacing the countertops anytime soon. my older girls are begging to have them replaced though (they watch WAY too much HGTV :) ). do either of you have any suggestions on a good creamy white? Or wall color to try?

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I've never painted cabinets so I'm sorry I don't have a paint suggestion for the cabinets, but what colors do you lean toward for the walls - you will have so many choices - reds, greens, yellows, blues.....

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There's a thread right now on the Kitchen forum about painting kitchen cabinets white.

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I would definitely check out the kitchen forum thread. I'm not sure what they have suggested, but for a warm white, I would suggest taking a look at Benjamin Moore White Dove. I also always suggest painting out big samples and looking at them in all lights and against all other material selections (including the existing counter if you are indeed keeping it) before choosing a color.

As far as the white counters go, I like the white on white kitchen look. Especially with the island and the floors for contrast and warmth. It may not be your taste though. Lots of images on Houzz or the kitchen forum gallery to give you a better idea of whether you would like it or not.

On the wall color, what colors are the adjacent spaces? Any artwork you want to use? Anything else to take into consideration, like a kitchen aide stand mixer that sits out all the time?

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Thats funny you mentioned BM White Dove, I just put the swatch of that up on my cabinets today.

I have a kitchen/family room to work with so trying to compliment everything in there too. My couch is dark/sage green. I have BM Monroe Bisque in my other rooms and love it. Not sure I want to carry it over yet or not. No real art work, just black shelves with some pictures and greenery. Did I mention I need lots of help when it comes to decorating? LOL

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