Please Help With 1st Floor Layout

jimson11February 8, 2013

Should I keep the original idea of this layout or the one in my message below with the island?

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I don't have any feedback because I'm a newbie, too, but I just wanted to hop in to say I'm interested in this thread because we, too, are doing pretty much a gut job on an old house and I probably will be posting something similar soon.

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Just to start things off-- the sink location traps you in the corner when you try to load the dishwasher.

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Okay, maybe I do have something to say, now that dan has started it off and got me thinking. I have the same corner layout in my current kitchen, with corner sink next to dishwasher to the left. I can vouch that you do get "trapped." This layout has also resulted in our under sink cabinet getting super beat-up from when the under sink cabs and dishwasher are open at the same time if a person is reaching to get something from under there, like dishwasher soap.

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Here is a version I came up with that includes a 24" x 60" island. I've read as many things as I could about how people like/dislike their 24" wide islands and it's pretty much positive across the board. Also I tried to leave at least 42" clearance around. I like how the sink-dishwasher-oven-fridge areas interact but I'm no expert. Can a sink and dishwasher fit in that space? Is this doable??

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Sorry to bump my own thread but I have to make my cabinet order soon.

2' x 6' island that can possibly fit a sink and DW...yay or nay??


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