Library took the Magazines!

colorcrazyAugust 20, 2011

I just went through a stack (9 months) of Economist magazines and cut out our address label. DH called the Library and they said they would take them. So I sent him right out the door. Now I know to do it more often. (Donate the magazines, I mean, not sending DH out the door!) The other magazines will go in recycling. It is great to free up that space!

Thank you to all of you who post ideas and inspirations. It is greatly appreciated (and needed).

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My library will take donated books, but only hardbound. No paperbacks, no magazines and of course no newspapers. And I can't count the number of National Geographics I have seen at garage sales and in peoples' trash. Glad you found one way to donate mags.

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Some nursing homes, medical centers and hospitals will accept magazines. Also some day care centers will accept them to use--cut out pictures, make projects etc.

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We take our few subscription magazines to dr. office, hospital waiting rooms, etc. Our library takes them and they are available free. It's fun to rummage through and take a few I would never buy, but like to look at. Then, recycle through dr. office, etc.

Take it from me: when you are waiting for someone in 4 hours of surgery, it is a godsend to have access to mags and a TV :-) Thank you to our hospital's auxiliary.

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I went to my library early one day, about 10 minutes before they opened. Saw 2 cardboard boxes full of books had been left on the steps. A janitor cane out and carried them to the dumpster. What a waste. And the "donor" probably thought their gesture was appreciated. Always ask first.

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Our library accepts all books, paperback or hardbound. Twice a year our "Friends of the Library" group has a big sale. Most paperback books sell for 25cents and hardcover for $1-2. Lots of people donate books for the sale. The money goes to buy new books.

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