Air switch placement

kitmuFebruary 3, 2013

I've been reading through pages of old posts on the subject of where to put the air switch, but I still have one question. I don't run the GD that often, and I hate wiping up around fixtures by the sink (thanks to all for the brilliant air gap/ soap dispenser swap out idea!!) so I would like to put the air switch in the back right corner of the sink cabinet close to the backsplash rather than right at the sink. Some folks have mentioned that a bit of pressure is required to push the button down, and I'm wondering if this placement might prove problematic. The counters are a standard 24" depth, but I'm a short 5'2".


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The force used to push that button is minimal, so I don't think it will be an issue unless you have significant arthritis.

As for closer to the faucet as opposed to placing it in the hinterlands, I don't find that it requires any special attention in the cleaning department. In fact, considering that it usually gets pushed by a wet hand, having it closer is actually a benefit. Do you have an undermount sink now? Cleaning is so much easier (and more sanitary) than when I had an overmount with a deckplate.

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Have you chosen an air switch yet? I am going to install one too but don't know which brand to get. I also do not know if they are universal and work with any brand. I am interested in the answer to your question also. Peke

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I have my air switch(es) equidistant from the faucet as the soap dispensers.

I have a Rohl - and have found zero issues with cleaning thus far. And I always press with a wet hand. I do wonder what if anything is falling down into that area.

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Even if you place it back farther, you'll still have to wipe around it in the normal course of cleaning. Plus, to me, it will be a busier look to have it not line up with your faucet and whatever other items like soap dispenser or side spray that you have with the faucet.

I don't find I get lots of water around my air switch. I simply wipe around it and over it when I wipe down the faucet and soap dispenser after meals. No biggie. My sponge/wash cloth has to go over that part of the counter anyway, and the air switch is so flat that its inconsequential.

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I don't know much about air switches either ... so am equally interested brands or other information.

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Here's a recent thread on air switch brands.

Many folks, including me, use the InSinkErator brand.

Here is a link that might be useful: Air switch brand thread

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