Lapel power adapters

zone_8grandmaAugust 31, 2007

Forgive me if this has been addressed, but I felt I needed to share this.

A few months ago I was cleaning out a box of assorted, rarely used items. Included was a power adapter that I could not figure out what it was for... Finally I chucked it. Yep, turns out if was for my label maker! So now I'm limited to using batteries.

I sat down and made labels for every single power adapter I have ("computer", "fax", "phone", rechargeable electric clippers", etc) so that I don't do that again.

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Good one, z8g!! I'd read your other post on this recc and that got me to label mine.

I have thanked you in my head a hundred times as I have found the one I needed or identified the roaming one.

Great tip!

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Good grief! I had already posted about that (slapping forhead - Doh!)

Oh well, guess it's part of the aging process LOL

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No, no, no, no, z8g. I only saw it because it was deep into my thread about which label maker to buy! The thead was way beyond general consumption at that point, LOL.

I fully support you posting this as a new item!!!!

The rest of you: go label your adapters. You can thank us later.

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z8g - It pays to bring up reminders like this every so often :-)

I had not seen your prior post and am so glad I saw this one. I too have had unknown adapters and will get the current ones labeled today. Thank you so much!!

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I was really curious about the title. There are times I really could use a power adapter on my lapel. :-)

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DH laughed at me when I started labelling all our adapters, but that has saved us much grief & time. Now I do it as soon as we get something new. I don't just label something "cellphone", I put the model on it, like "Treo 650".

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I totally agree w/ you.

I labeled the power adaptor for my cordless screwdriver, right after I got it.

(I think I've told this story before)

Then, months later, the power in the screwdriver ran out, and I got all discouraged, bcs I had no idea where the adaptor was.

"If I was smart, I'd have put it in the junk drawers on the shelf below, and if I were REALLY smart, I'd have labeled the thing w/ my P-touch." But I just knew I hadn't been smart, so I didn't do whatever it was I wanted to do (too much to do by hand).

The next night, I thought, well, you could at least look.

Bingo! in the drawer, and LABELED!

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I happen to have four adapters I use at least once a week. Three for cellphones, one for my computer mouse. I keep them on a small table in the corner, near an outlet. They are all labelled.

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Labelling and organizing all of our power adapters was one of the best things I ever did! And, it has saved me money! (DD lost the adapter to her portable dvd player, and replacing that cost me approximately $30.00 at Radio Shack!) Now I have a small plastic bin in my kitchen cabinet which holds all of the power adapters to our many, many small electronics. I keep the cords shortened to about 8 inches using small zip ties and I have an outlet in the kitchen overtop the counter that is our "dedicated charging area". There are two outlets there, and I don't use them for anything except charging (the 8 inch cord length works out perfect for setting stuff on the counter to charge). We no longer have things scattered around the house charging in all different areas, nor things sitting on the floor while they charge. (we have two puppies who still chew and think mp3 players and gameboys are a yummy treat!)

:) jiggreen

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Thanks for bringing this thread up - it's very timely! I label all our cords also. It is a big help when you have 3 different digital cameras, etc. in the family, with all the cords stuffed in a drawer. Just grab the one you need. Also makes it easier to throw them out - oh, that radio died last year. Don't need this cord any more...

Labelling the cords at my computer really helps - when I had to unplug everything to bring the tower in for repair recently, it wasn't nearly as much of a hassle knowing I would be well equipped to replug everything when the computer came back.

Our printer died a few weeks ago and I had to find the right new printer that did everything I needed it to, but after researching, I thought the new one would work out, but wasn't sure, so I wanted to wait to label it until I had used it for a while to make sure I wouldn't return it. Then forgot to label, so thanks again for reminding me. I labeled the last printer over the manual paper feed: "blank side up", and the paper tray, which worked the other way "blank side down, top toward front". Saved many a wasted piece of paper :)

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What a good idea I opened this thread because I wanted to know what a "Lapel" power adapter was lol

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