Suggestions of heavy duty storage units

alohamillion123August 9, 2007


As a stockpiler, I am wanting to add some new storage units or shelves for heavy items such as bulk laundry cleaners and canned goods. Has anyone found a brand or type that works the best?


Stacey =)

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Try those units that are made for garages and workshops. They are much more heavy duty that those Rubbermaid platic units. Home Depot has a good selection. Right now Sam's Club in my area, is carrying workshop sorage units at a good price.

If you want wire shelving go to a restaurant supply store. They got the best. You don't want those flimsy wire shelving units that the dollarama type stores carry.

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One thing about many of those heavy-duty shelving units: I believe that they space the shelves a bit too far apart. (here's an example of what I mean--and here's another one--look at all that wasted space! (fortunately, I'm pretty sure you can buy extra shelves for ones like this)

Then you end up stacking stuff you *shouldn't* stack, in order to take advantage of the empty space between shelves, and it ends up being too hard to get to the stuff on the bottom.

Bulky stuff purchased in bulk (I'm thinking toilet paper, paper towels) that's all the same can be stacked, but laundry detergents won't stack well anyway.

And canned goods are small items, so you don't want lots of stacks.

If you go w/ one of those garage-style shelving units, get one that lets you buy an extra shelf.

But I would also suggest you consider getting two different styles--one for big bulky stuff, and one w/ adjustable (or even pull-out) shelves for canned goods.

(I have heard that at least one of the warehouse stores--BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club--has its own line if restaurant-style chrome wire shelving (InterMetro is the most famous brand of this, and the Container Store carries it; the Container Store also carries the Metro brand, which is the commercial grade of the same stuff--but the InterMetro is sturdy enough, in my eyes)

But do investigate an actual restaurant-supply store. I know that when it comes to cookware, they carry BETTER stuff at CHEAPER prices than stuff traditionally marketed for home. I think it's worth investigating whether that same quality/savings ratio applies to their shelving.

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I have several of the ones in this link (hope it works). The shelves are adjustable in small increments, they come with casters (optional to use) and are very heavy duty. I absolutely love mine!

Here is a link that might be useful: steel shelving

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Fori is not pleased

I've used the cheap wooden ones from Ikea (Gorm, I think) and they're inexpensive and easy to assemble. Talley Sue is correct in that the shelves are too far apart, but you can buy extras.

It's not pretty, though.

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We did our pantry and laundry room with closet organizers from Closets Central. They use laminated wood and everything is adjustable and sturdy. (100 lb. shelf capacity.) They even had corner shelves that span two walls.
I don't care for the look of wire but we do need some for the garage. I never thought of a restaurant supply store, Bud. What a great idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Closets Central

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I really like the Rubbermaid type. I find they hold everything I happen to have which is heavy (like 5 gallon buckets full of paint.) I really like the fact they are light and I can carry them. I also like the fact that they are not attached. I can rearrange the space as needed.


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We just got some from Costco made by Whalen Storage. They had 2 sizes. The bigger one has 4 shelves, 2' deep. Each shelf can hold 2000 lbs. They're all metal, very sturdy and don't require any hardware to put together.
The other one is smaller and the whole unit holds 2000 lbs. It's not as deep as the other.
The big one was about $130 and the small unit was around $54. Not bad at all for what you get. I've seen flimsy shelves for more money.

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Supplier: Asgard Secure Steel Storage, Asgard Classic Steel Storage Unit ... Simply screw into the Asgard Centurion steel storage unit for hanging items. ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Steel Garden Sheds

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I have both the Intermetro shelving, from Container Store, and the Ivar wood shelving units from Ikea, and they both are quite strong (the Ivar looks like it might not be, but it is). And for both types, you can fit them with the number of shelves you need. The Ivar shelves are solid; the Intermetro are the wire-looking (but thick wire); if you think things might fall through, shelf liners are available.

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I'm so glad you mentioned this as I just realized I should have one of these in my walk in pantry, besides just the single light weight shelves for everyday items.

I've found a couple of these heavy duty shelving units on Craigs for a song. If there is a Craigs in your area, you might want to keep an eye out. Also, I've run ads for things I was looking for and people were happy to sell there's when they realized someone was willing to buy them.

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