Valentine's Day ...Grandchildren

clubmFebruary 10, 2013

Those of you who have little children or little you
get them anything for Valentines Day?

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When my sons were little, we used to do a Valentines Day Hunt. After their dinner was eaten, they would turn over their plates and find a paper heart taped there. It would have a clue. It was just picture clues when they were very little, then became written clues over the years. One heart would lead to another for about 5 heart clues altogether. Then they would find a small present at the end. It was never anything expensive, most likely between $5 and $10. I don't remember them, except for when they were really young it was some type of "character" underwear one year.

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Generally just a card, but this year I'll stick him a few bucks in for gas money since he has a truck and driving.

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I send all 8 of them cards with 10 bucks in it. They love it!!!

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Because my greats are under 6, card and book and for baby, 1st Valentine and toy. All other gk and kids get cards. Nothing special

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I send $5 for V-day, Halloween and Easter~~~enough to buy a SBucks or an icecream~~~DGD is 21 and I have been doing it since she was little. It is not much, just a token with a cute card~~~I kept it low from the begining, thinking who knows how any grandkids I might end up with.

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I send cards to my two little grandnieces. I just adore them. They are 4 and 6. I may buy some stickers to include with the cards. I send money on birthdays and always go overboard at Christmas.

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My kid are 9, 10 and 12. My dh usually buys all of us a heart shaped box of candies. I'll probably get a little something and wrap it. Last year it was books they wanted. Not sure what I'll get this year.

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For the 4 older ones (10-14) I've always sent candy. For the little ones (5 mos. and 21 mos. who live in town) I bought stuffed monkeys with looong arms and velcro on their hands. The 21 mo. old LOVES monkeys. I've always bought the presents at the Dollar Tree. Postage for 2000 miles for candy is ridiculous.

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I've always bought Valentine's cards and gifts for my kids, always kept under $30 each.

I still do to this day, sending them their favorite small-time restaurant gift card inside their Valentine's Day card.

It is the day of love, after all, and they each mean the absolute world to me.

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Yes - they each get cards and $25 - they are the only TRUE loves of my life!

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Yes, always a little something; usually just $ for the grown kids and little gifties for the grandkids. LOVE LOVE LOVE indulging on them; even if it is something simple. :)

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