Porch needs opinions and help :)

nursekathleenAugust 20, 2009

We are in the process of slowly (realllly slowly) renovating a 1920's beach bungalow. It's been trashed over the years - things moved, original wood trim painted (luckily - not all of it!!!!!). Original hardwood floors intact, but need refinishing.

I have convinced hubby that the windows with weights and cords that are remaining are worth preserving. I have convinced him that tearing out the dining room wall (with it's original swing-type windows and latches with leaded glass) to put in a patio door is a bad idea. All in all, I am trying to preserve and restore as much of it as I can!

We have redone the master bedroom, which is the entire upper floor of the bungalow - not much history there - we think it had been added to make use of the attic in the 80's, judging by the popcorn ceiling and brushed gold fixtures!

I am moving on to the porch. We want to have the exterior done, of course, but right now I want to spruce it up. I am thinking of putting some nice beadboard - I think that's what you call it? - to cover the walls. The windows are awful - and awfully expensive to replace. Not original to the house. We are wondering if it used to be un-enclosed. The floor right now is half carpet, half laminate - ummm why we do not know ;) - and I want to put down slate or similar, something that will be easy to keep clean. What about painting it a sunny yellow inside?

Opinions needed and wanted!

The ceiling is stained strips of wood - husband likes them, and I know that in some porches the strips are painted sky blue...what are everyone's opinion on that? Should I leave them?

I think that before the hideous metal flashing was installed on the supports on either side, judging from the interior, it was once wood. Hope they aren't rotten underneath, but who knows....

Some pics:

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It's pretty easy to determine if an enclosed sunroom was once an open porch. Look the the wall of the room against the interior of the house. If it has been enclosed at a later date, you will find it was once an exterior wall. That can be determined by finding windows inside the sunroom to the interior. The thickness of the interior wall. A slope to the room floor, indicating it was built to let water drain. A difference in the floor's level compared to the next room, and yes, the ceiling being finished off differently than the rest of the house. I also see exposed brick under the corner posts. My guess is yes, this was an exterior porch and enclosed.

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Aha. You are right. It has windows from the living room onto the porch. There is a slope to the floor. And yep, the bricks are exposed under the posts. So it must have been exterior :)

We want to keep it enclosed, we live in Ontario and it's COLD here! LOL. We want to put a little bistro set or something out there, somewhere to sit.

Any opinions on the decorating out there?

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