Kitchen with seafoam counters...

Oleander15February 27, 2013

We have been in the process of buy our dream home... via short sale for over a year and finally our offer was accepted and we are in the final weeks waiting to do the closing and get our house! I have been planning how we will paint/decorate everything for a while now, but keep coming back to the kitchen counters as they are a bright seafoam green!

They are very seafoam- not a pale or easily played down shade of the color. The former owners had the entire house done in shades of green and (bright) yellow which are both colors we are not a fan of- at all. Our colors are more blue/gray/black/white and I am having trouble figuring out how I can do anything to match these counters.
Mostly when searching I have seen people suggest teals and dark browns which would be a nightmare for us, we hate both colors and none of our furniture, decor, etc would match.

We have A LOT of work to do on the house and of course we have a limited budget, and new counter tops just can't be a priority when all the carpet, vinyl flooring, etc has to be replaced because of the previous owners indoor pets, along with some windows needing replacement, a few door needing replacement, and of course painting throughout. Eventually (a few years) we will replace the counter tops but until then.... we are just not sure how to make it work.

To make it worse, the seafoam green is not just in the kitchen, there is a high bar that extends over into the dining room and there are counter tops in the laundry that match as well (although the laundry is much less of a worry.) Its a pretty open area between the kitchen/dining/living rooms so these will be noticeable throughout the main area of the home.

Any ideas?

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Please post some pictures so we can see it. Thanks.

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robo (z6a)

What material are the counters?

Your best option might be to disguise until you're ready to replace. E.g. either paint them (realizing it won't last long), or install sheet formica overtop (e.g. I'd also go looking at your local green demos or habitat restores for inoffensive laminates -- it's a switch that could be made pretty cheaply, rather than letting the seafoam dictate things like paint and carpet choices.

That said, you could also just extend cool greys and whites into the kitchen? Charcoal looks great with seafoams and mints.

Eclectic Kitchen design by Other Metro Interior Designer WOODY

Black also looks amazing

Traditional Bathroom design by Los Angeles Architect Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

Grey and light wood

Contemporary Kitchen design by Boston General Contractor Woodmeister Master Builders

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I LOVE the pics you posted, but I think that is a much nicer color than what we are working with. Here is a picture. All the yellow will be gone (it will be pale gray) the carpet will be replace (it will be a medium gray, we think) the kitchen flooring is getting replaced (not sure what yet.)

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The sea foam is not the problem. The real problem here is the bright yellow with the dirty carpet and the gold colored vinyl. it will look Completely different with that gone.

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You are probably right! I am just very overwhelmed right now. I got over 100 pictures of the inside of the house today so I can start making a solid plan. I was thinking that the yellow may be making the seafoam more... vivid or something. And yes, the carpet is TERRIBLE! You should see the rest of the house- it is a travesty.

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Fori is not pleased

O my. Someone got a little carried away with yellow. But it also means they loved the place and maybe didn't trash it.

Yes, I think gray will be sort of sophisticated and nice. Once you redo the walls and flooring, you might just find that the counters are actually not so bad at all. (Disclaimer: I like green. But then I like yellow and your place still makes me want to paint like mad.)

Look at some of the glass tiles--there are some grey green combos that might convert you into a seafoam counter lover.

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I think that color will look fantastic with black, white, and gray, and would also work with a light blue/gray. I would paint the cabinets white, though. You can go with the colors you love and just replace the countertop when you get the funds.
It really is the yellow that is the main problem. It's making the seafoam look much worse than it is.

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If the countertop is still bugging you after the yellow paint is gone and the vinyl floor is replaced, paint it. Rustoleum sells kits or HGTV has directions for using acrylic paint (link below). It would buy you some time until you can afford to replace them and the seafoam green wouldn't bug you everyday.

Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV's instructions for painting countertop

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Take your time in choosing a new color. You cannot succeed by walking into a paint store and saying, "I like this." You have to try out a lot of chips in your light and against the counters. That doesn't mean you have to live with the yellow. You're going to need a lot of nice white primer to cover that yellow anyway, so in this case following good painting technique will also save your eyeballs.

That counter is fantastic. Today many people covet seafoam laminate but it's not really available anymore. I'd leave it. You'll get a completely different vibe with new paint on the walls and counters.

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Yes, get rid of the vinyl and carpet and just prime the yellow, and you'll be amazed at how much better everything looks!

It will look wonderful with white painted cabinets and anything but the yellow. It could channel a sort of Miami Vice if you paired it with peach, or an almost 50ish vibe with pink and black added, or a sophisticated tone on tone with a darker teal that is it's deeper cousin.

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Paint the countertops - you can get colored epoxy that will work fine if you sand a bit!

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I have that same color laminate top in the guest bathroom. If only I could think of people "coveting" it!
Love this kitchen with white cabinets. Not sure if that's an option for you, but it might work in my bathroom. Oh, you've inspired me to try!

Here is a link that might be useful: Green countertop, white cabinets

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Once the yellow is gone, the green will look a lot better. And that shade looks great with silvery grays and corals (think sterling silver, turquoise and coral jewelry - it's a classic)

All it would take to settle the counters in would be a bit of that green in some of the accents or as a minor color in the upholstery or pillows.

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I'm with Marcolo - I like those counters. I would make all the other changes first - paint, floor, carpet - and definitely put in some sleek stainless or nickel colored hardware. Grays and choarcoals would be very sophisticted. Then if it still bothers you, paint the cabs white. But I like that color with the wood cabs if everything else were changed. I wonder if the white cabs wouldn't just emphasize the seafoamness of the counters, since the counters would then be the only color in the room.

Also echo the advice to choose paint carefully. Shell out for some samples and paint posterboard, hang it up and look at it for a couple of days. Makes all the difference.

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My friend redid her counters with the Rustoleum Countertop Transformations system and now they look like black granit. If removing the yellow doesn't work, consider using this product.

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I'm echoing the chorus of people that say -- paint the walls and address the other elements first (carpet, hard flooring, handle hardware, window coverings, border removal, backsplash) before painting either the counters or cabinets. With the right shades of grey and the careful use of green accents, you will be surprised how well you can make the counter blend better with the surroundings while updating the look. The color can work in the right situations, as shown above.

I didn't hear anyone mention this, but it is possible to re-laminate a countertop. I don't know what it will look like. In touring real estate, I've seen some terrible looking paint jobs done with standard interior paint that ended up looking like a bigger liability than what they were attempting to cover.

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Ditto from this end. I think once you find a nice neutral wall color that doesn't compete with the yellow, the green won't be so bad.

There are companies that put a cover over the countertops - might be a cheaper alternative until you can replace them

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Ditto from this end. I think once you find a nice neutral wall color that doesn't compete with the yellow, the green won't be so bad.

There are companies that put a cover over the countertops - might be a cheaper alternative until you can replace them

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laura mcleod

I agree with keeping the counters and using a bunch of white and grey to cool the space down and lighten it up. I think it could look fabulous - the floor will be a big factor.

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One more vote for keeping the counter, just neutralize the yellow and do something with the flooring. You may be surprised by how much better you like the countertops.

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Congratulations on getting your dream home! And what a great kitchen. Ditto, ditto, ditto all the smarties here. Your preferred colors will look great with the counters. I'm skeptical about the wood cabinet color with the counter and grays, but again, I agree with those who say do a little at a time. Paint the walls, declare your freedom from that carpet, live in it with your things in place, then decide about cabinet color. Have fun!

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Oleander -

Great suggestions above and I really like the counters! I went with a mossy green quartz counter - I also used wood and grey/silver tones in my appliances and floor. Below is the link to see it together as a reference.

Here is a link that might be useful: Green counters in my kitchen

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Thank you everyone! This had made me look at the counters MUCH differently! I can't wait to get rid of the yellow and the flooring and carpet and see what it looks like. I went and looked at backsplash tile yesterday and saw a few fabulous styles that incorporated greens and grays.

I am concerned about the cabinet color- is that golden oak? The house was built in 1993. The cabinets (minus being dirty and having yellow paint around the tops) are in great condition. I had not thought about painting them until this post. I mentioned it to family yesterday and everyone was quick to say NO don't do it! I am playing with the idea, or possibly restaining them darker or lighter. I'm afraid they may be too orangy for my taste in colors, but again, I think that has a lot to do with the dang yellow. I will be replacing the hardware for sure- it is vary dated/not my style.

Now I am trying to think about flooring ideas as well, but there is too much to choose from and it's going to be weeks till I get in to any of this so I am trying not to stress now.

Our budget for the kitchen is small (the whole kitchen window has to be replace as there was a fire out the outer deck behind the window which melted the window/screen/siding around it, so that is something we have to tackle before the interior) but I think I can do enough in the next few months to at least make me happy for the next few years.

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I meant to add- my main issue with green right now is that the current townhouse we have lived in for 4.5 years has a completely green kitchen- flooring, cabinets, countertops, even the stove AND sink. I feel like i have been trapped in my own little green hell! Haha. The house we rented prior to this townhouse also had a green kitchen, but it was darker greens and had SS appliances with black/white trim/walls/etc so it was not as bad. I think my current olive nightmare kitchen is where my hatred of green is coming from!

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Congratulations on your new home, how wonderful for you!

This is very rapidly photoshopped and just gives you an idea of how different the countertops will look with different cabinet color and paint.

Look forward to watching your progress!

Best, oldbat2be

This post was edited by oldbat2be on Fri, Mar 1, 13 at 8:01

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You have some great suggestions above. My advice would be to do all of the above, but stop short of painting the cabinets right now. Sounds like you have a lot more things to do to the house. Clean the cabinets well, get the kitchen in working order, looking fab with a new color scheme, and move on to other projects. You can come back to the cabinets later on if you still want to change the color.

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Oh that photoshop pic is awesome! I wanted to try something similar but my photo editing skills are really, really bad!
Thanks for doing that- It does look a lot different!

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