Shellac is too shiny for my woodwork...???

nursekathleenAugust 18, 2010

I have a 1920's cottage I am Sloooooowly rehabbing. A labour of love, for sure! The woodwork (Gumwood) is all intact, and not painted, thank God ;) However, the old finish is in rough shape - dented, dinged, paint splashed on in try out methods, I removed an interior closet door and went to work.

I used a scraper and paint removed to get some of the splashed paint off the spine, and the rest of the finish came off nicely with Methyl Hydrate (did this outside). Then I used good old fashioned shellac. I assumed this was what was on it originally, as the Methyl Hydrated took off the original finish? However, the first coat of shellac looked uneven, so I put another on. I ended up with three coats. The good news? It's nice and even. The bad news? It's super glossy, not the flat, satin finish the original one was :( While I don't mind the gloss, husband doesn't think it shows off the beautiful woodgrain as well as the satin did.

Any ideas? I'd like to stick with whats traditional, and the door does look nice, just...shiny ;)

MANY thanks for any tips!!!

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Get some paste wax, and some ultra-fine steel wool. Rub the finish out with them together, then buff, apply one more coat of wax with a cloth, buff with a woolen, then polish with cotton. It will be better.
If you want it even more satin (less shiny), rub with dry steel wool in one direction only, then wax. For this type of finish use one 00 steel wool, not the 0000.
This removes finish, so perhaps add another coat or 2 before attempting, as it wouldn't do to rub through the finish to bare wood.


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