What about these wall-hung laundry bags?

pinktoesAugust 23, 2007

I'm in a last-minute panic (in a thread over on Building a Home) about my laundry room plan for our builder. But I thought I'd post the link here to this TIDY, clean-looking, hanging, labelled laundry bag system. I'm going to need to use something like this on my wall to fit all the sorted laundry in the space available.

If you want to join in my panic over there, please do.

Here is a link that might be useful: hanging laundry bag system

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I'm starting to fall apart. The new thread on my plan is on the Laundry forum, where I thought it belonged.

I had an earlier thread on Building a Home.

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I don't want you to panic, but personally, I hate that laundry sorting system. First of all, it looks good, but the size of the bags seem very small (smaller than a load of laundry). That's probably why they're using those small little brass cup hooks which don't hold much weight. Also, the bags seem stuffed ''just so'' which is why the picture is appealing. Real life stuffing wouldn't look that tidy or work for my household.

Do you have any room next to the W/D or above it for a shelf or shelves that would hold baskets? I can sort almost everything I need to in six baskets. Throwing dirty clothes into a basket is so much easier than stuffing them six or eight ways until the laundry is done.

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claire de luna: You're right about the "just so" stuffing! I have no space available to the sides of W/D. And above them is too high for me to store anything.

I do so love your pull out bins. But in looking at the dimensions I found for the wire baskets, I figured you'd need about 24" of width for each bin's front?? And each bin holds only 1 type of sorted laundry.

Could you give me an idea of the dimensions required each of your pullout bins?

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OK, I don't want you to think I'm being negative here. I just read about your ''panic'' attack in another forum. What we're missing are some particulars, so just in case I don't have a grasp of your problem, please let me know. Do you have a front loader or top loading machine?

It sounds like you're going to have enough room for a folding table with room to sit. Is someone in your family handicapped or need to sit while folding laundry? If it simply seems like a good idea, may I offer an alternative solution? Unless you're going to have an uber-sized front loading machine, most laundry can be quickly folded standing up. The laundry area isn't typically a place I want to sit and hang out. I'd rather have better laundry storage than a place to sit. Why not stack shelving on pull-outs for baskets or drawers to sort laundry? Going vertical would allow you to put a lot in a small space. If you absolutely need a place to fold laundry, why not use the space on top of the washer and dryer?

These are only alternative suggestions, to help make the laundry process easier. Some people need space to hang clothes, others don't. Again, you may need to sit down to fold laundry! I don't really know what your true needs are, but your small space seems like it could use some organization that's more efficient. If stuffing laundry bags full of sorted, dirty laundry is your idea of that, so be it. I'd just like it to be easier than that for you, since that's another step that seems completely unnecessary, especially since you say you have room for a folding table.

If for some reason I'm just not getting it, can you post a drawing of your layout?

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claire de luna: Top loader washer. Dryer is on its own pedestal, elevated about 13". It's a walk-through room with an aisle about 4'6" wide. Across from the W/D is the storage wall I'm trying to arrange. It's 92" wide/long by 22" deep.

You're right, of course. I'm going to need to decide whether to have the folding space or have the sorted laundry space. I will probably eventually be in a wheelchair and want to be independent, as best I can. So, my other thinking will have to be about how I will handle the laundry then? Should I consider a rolling cart to dump dried clothes into and push them into the dining room, perhaps, to fold on the table there?

That's not the best idea for somebody who will have multiple handicaps at the time. So, here's one other try at having it all: what if I made a laundry closet there, 48" wide, with bifold doors; allow 5" for the extra wall; that would leave me 39" for open kneespace and folding. Not enough folding space UNLESS I also add a low rollout table/cart (lightweight, like stainless steel from a medical supply house). I could keep it tucked under the folding counter and roll it out for folding. I'm sitting in my chair, have the counter and, at 90 degrees to it, the cart. This might work well. For now, there is no cart.

Except for the hanging space for the jackets. Okay, so for now the jackets hang on hooks in the open bay above the counter. Later, when I'm using a chair, the jackets have to go elsewhere if it's on hooks inside the Laundry room doors. AND, for now, I also get to roll 2 of my chrome wheeled hampers under the open kneespace. This is good!!

Now, inside the closet go 2 more (don't even ask how many I have) of my wheeled hampers; they need 28" of height. Above there is a shelf 20" (?) high for laundry baskets (2 probably, since it's only 22" deep). At 48" off the floor is another full-width shelf for lightweight stuff, including folded rags, hats, gloves, etc.

How am I doing? If you're still with me you have the patience of Job!

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OK, here are some thoughts just off the top of my head. First of all, I understand about eventually ending up in a wheelchair which is why you need to plan for that now. I made my kitchen and bathroom handicapped accessible ''just in case'' so I'm used to thinking about what may or may not work in the future. (It's why I have pull-out cutting boards and a lowered counter on my island. The bathroom has a flip down seat that's easily accessible from the doorless, curbless shower, and I've already installed handrails you can use on both sides of the seat for getting up in the shower.)

If you're going to be in a wheelchair, I think you will want to change your toploader to a front loader so you can access it. Your aisle is wide enough for the chair, however I think anything you put on the wall in front of the W/D is going to be in your way. If you absolutely need a folding counter, could you use a flip-up table on that wall, and leave the space with your current folding counter for sorting/storage? I still like the idea of using the space to sort clothes vertically. Personally, I'd probably throw my dried clothes in the basket, put in on my lap and take it to the bedroom to fold on the bed. Then putting it away would be easy because it would be next to your closet. Short of putting the laundry in your closet (the ideal place IMO!), putting laundry away is the hardest part for most people. I really don't think having to stay in the laundry room to fold clothes is necessary, but that's just my opinion.

I don't have a folding table with my current set up, but instead fold my clothes on the bed. It's so easy, I guess I don't know why everyone doesn't. It's up to you of course, but I don't think you have room to do everything you want to, and having space to sort the laundry would be more important to me. I know that for myself, this is been the biggest improvement to doing laundry in my life!

Maybe you could find a rolling cart that would hold baskets you could reach from a wheelchair. I'm just wondering how easy it will be for you to reach into your wheeled hampers from a wheelchair? If you can, then great. If not, a basket is so easy to put on your lap.

I hope I'm not confusing the issue for you. I would go ahead and put the coat storage on the door where you think it will eventually end up anyway. I'm sure I've missed a few things, but feel free to bounce some ideas if you have any more.

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