Cleaning out the basement

sudiepavAugust 17, 2013

My husband and I each have a basement! Mine is accessed from the kitchen and the patio. His is under the family room and can only be entered from outside. I periodically go down to mine and clean off a shelf or two and donate/discard. His is for storage of lawn and patio equipment. We have nice new deck furniture which will have to go there for the winter. The problem is that this space is full of junk, some from the previous owner. My proposal is that every Tuesday, trash night, we each make one trip from the basement with junk. We have done so for 3 weeks, and already I see a difference. We have been especially lucky with metal, old refrigerator grates, bike racks, dishwasher door, old rusted Tonka trucks (the boys are 46, 43, and 37 and NEVER lived in this house!). Metal scrappers pick this stuff up; in fact very little of what we put out has gone in the landfill. It takes us 5 minutes and I hope by winter that we have the space to store our furniture.

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OK, keep us updated.

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It's amazing what just one small effort can do if you are consistent about it.

I try very hard to make sure the recycling bin goes out as full as possible so old papers and boxes don't pile up. Minor, but after a month of stuffing the bin to the brim every week, it's done and over with.

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I'm w/ lazygardens--it's amazing what a small effort will do if you keep it up. One benefit w/ the basement is that new stuff is not really going in there (that's why it's hard for me to get any traction with *one* small thing in my house; I need to do more like 40.)

Frustrating that stuff is there from the previous owner. But that's easy to get rid of, I bet!

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