Missing lilydilly...

brugloverZ9August 1, 2008

I know that she was awaiting surgery! I have a feeling she must have had it. Anyone know for sure? If "yes" if anyone has a contract to her, would you please e-mail me. I would love to send a greeting!

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She was just on the decorating forum today or yesterday.

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AWwww Brugloverz, It's so nice to be missed. I'm here still. We were away for several weeks, and yes, I got to see the surgeon, and no I haven't had surgery YET. They did find out what was wrong though. A large bone spur growing in the facet joint of my neck.... but before they do surgery they decided to try a cortisone injection first. It didn't work at all, but because I've had that, I now have to wait another 6 weeks before they can try any other procedure. So I'm still stuck in bed... only more so than ever. I still lurk on here, but my DH is doing ALL the housework, so I've kind of let go the control of it all.
He's been wonderful for a totally UN-domesticated male. He's learnt to grocery shop, to make crock pot meals, to vacuum, and dust. It's kind of sweet to hear things like this coming from the kitchen.
"Where does all this dirt come from.. I only swept here yesterday"
"More washing.... I washed last week.. are we all that dirty of what?"
"We're out of food again.. I bought groceries last week.. where do they all go?
I lie in here having a chuckle, thinking.. aha... housewife's revenge!! LOL
One thing I'm so grateful for.. that when I still could be up and about, that I had totally de-cluttered. Some lady friends came to visit last week and commented (making DH's head swell to huge proportions) that the house looked sparkling. It isn't.. it's just that at first impression, it looks good because there's not much stuff around. Visitors usually only take home first impressions... don't really notice the dust bunnies behind the furniture and the buildup on the cover strips.
I got a bit down a few weeks back, because I know what needs doing, and some things just DO need a woman's touch, but DH assured me, "It's nothing that can't be polished up later on..the house isn't falling apart. A bit of dirt won't actually harm anything.". We've agreed to wait until I'm fixed... whenever that is... and maybe get a cleaner in to give it all a good going over, but he's so proud of himself, I couldn't suggest getting one now. He even cleaned all the windows last week, all of his own accord.
Anyway, We go away again in a few weeks to see what the next step is.. either they'll try another injection or maybe surgery this time... it's a game or patience alright.
But thanks for thinking of me. It made my day.
I still read the posts, but not having done a single bit of housework for some months, I haven't got too much to contribute just now.
But wow.. wait till I'm better. I've learnt so much from this site, that this house will be the most clutter free haven of organized perfection that ever was... Hoho.. in my dreams!!
I think there must be another Lily on here.. wasn't me on the decorating forum Brutuses... Kind of made me feel like Elvis Presley.. you know...being seen somewhere, like a myth that didn't die. LOL. But it wasn't me.
You ladies have all kept me sane through what would otherwise have been an insane period.
So I'm here lurking away, and I'll be back in full force, hopefully when I've had this lousy neck of mine finally fixed.
Love to you all
Elusive Lily

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Hi Lilydilly...so glad to see you and hear how you are doing again. You said you were lurking because you didn't have much to say...looks like you do have alot to say, and I am glad that my post brought you back to us!

Please join right in or start a post about what you would like to talk about.

I think of you often and how you were one of the very first members to welcome me when I was new a few months ago.

I wish you the best with your neck difficulties. It cannot be easy for you. Please don't be elusive anymore!


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I, too, noticed that we weren't hearing from Lilydilly lately. I am so glad to hear from you, Lily, even though you are still not back in full operating condition. Your husband is a gem! So brave to give housekeeping a try. It's not for the faint of heart. LOL

I just haven't had much to say on this forum lately (been busy, too) but when I do write, I'll know that you'll be reading it, even when you don't have the strength to type.

Sorry you have to wait so long for your surgery. At least there is some light at the end of the tunnel.


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Thanks Ladies. I'm pretty much zonked out on pain killers lately, so I won't be able to write much, unless it's the ramblings of a drugged out zombie. Even the laptop in bed is a bit much these days for me. But I'm looking forward to reading all the happenings when I'm over this.
Happy organizing.

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Lily...You just rest and we will know that you will be with us again when you can be.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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