Has anyone used Huggable Hangers from HSN?

terriksAugust 14, 2005

I was thinking about buying these for our new house. I love the look of all the hangers matching, but don't know if these are worth the money.

Here is a link that might be useful: Huggable Hangers

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Click on the one for the hangars and read the reviews ... people aren't really happy with them.

Apparently the "huggable coating" comes off as colored fuzz, the swivel hooks don't swivel, and they have quality control porblems.

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I don't care for those hangers at all. There are lots of nice hangers available which would do just as well for a lot less $, then you'll have cash left over to get something new to put on your hangers.

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I've been using plastic hangars (for years) to air dry my clothes, then transfer them to the closet. Although this is a very efficient use of my time, the space these require is a lot, considering how small my closet is to begin with. I also don't have a dresser in my room for clothes storage, so I tend to hang most of it in the closet.

I decided to try something similar and ended up going with slim line hangars I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond recently. As far as I can tell, the quality is good. I initially bought a package of ten (for ten dollars, then I used a 20% off coupon), just to see how they were going to ''fit''. I wanted to try these so my clothes would stay on the hangars, and needed to seriously downsize the space my clothes were taking up in my closet. It's worked so well to reduce the space the other hangars were hogging, that I'm headed back to get more so I can hang the rest of my clothes. I'm still using the plastic hangars for those clothes right out of the wash, but don't find it hard to make the transfer when it's time to put them away.

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Nope, haven't seen those. My favorite hangers are plastic tubular, good for drip-drying. And skirt/pants hangers with the two squeeze clips. I hate ordinary wire hangers like you get from the dry cleaner. No , I am not channelling Joan Crawford.

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i have had these hangers for about 3 years now, and i really like them. all of my clothes and sweaters, especially, hang much nicer, and they do take up less space. who knew? I found they are worth the money, and it is nice to have all the same hangers in my closet. i haven't yet invested in a set for my husband. although i will. eventually.

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I've never heard of the huggable hangers, but I agree with you that there's something nice about having hangers that match :)

I have wooden hangers from ikea called "BUMERANG". At $5 for an 8 pack I think they're a good deal. There are also skirt and pant hangers availble for $0.79 each and they work well too.

(there's also a cheaper line of wood hangers called Propp, but the wood isn't that smooth and they look unfinished compared to the bumerang ones.)

I think the only downside is that wooden hangers are wider and take up more room, so if hanging space is an issue, they're probably not the best choice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea hangers

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I have them and like them very, very much.
I wish I had more of the clip thingys to hold skirts and such. I noticed after I bought mine there similar things at linens n things and bed bath beyond.


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Wow--those were awful reviews for the Huggable Hangers!

I just use the plastic tube hangers, or the clear plastic hangers the clothes came on from the department store.

One week I thought it would be a clever idea to color code hangers by family member to make it easier to put clothes away... I quickly decided that was a lot of wasted effort.

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I've had Huggable Hangers for several years and really like them. There hasn't been any problem with 'fuzz' coming off, although I don't use them for drying anything. It's true that they don't swivel well, but that's okay with us. They really do create more hanging space, nothing slips off, and the colors are pretty.

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I use huggables to hang dry the clotehs I don't want machine dried. They work VERY well for this, don't make creases at the shoulders, keep the little spaghetti straps on the hanger without having to tie little knots in them and such like I've had to do with other hangers. -- Now...In the closet. I don't love them. I think they are SUPER nice....but for the price I'd rather just use cheapies.

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I have used huggable hangers for 4-5 years in both mine and my husband's closets and I love them. They do take up less space, the clothes RARELY fall off and I also hang laundry with them. I am looking to purchase more.

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i'm back lurking again, i just purchased more of the hugable hangers--and i can't say enough good about them. now i'm doing husband's closet. the quality isn't as good as it was just 3 years ago, but there is more variety of color and accessories. i'll keep buying them as long as they make them. nothing ever falls off, saves space for sure, and i haven't had a problem at all with the fuz coming off on other clothes. go figure?! ha ha!

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I bought Huggable Hangers (72 pc) when they where the Todays Special. I HATE these things! They pi$$ me off every time I try to use them. Clothes are hard to get on them, and hard to get off of them. They grab like velcro. And, I'm ticked that I was led to believe that the hooks swiveled. That was the #1 reason I bought them. I have only used 4 of them, and the hook has already fallen off of one. I'm going to sell the rest on Craigslist.

They are pretty, and would save room...but...so what, if they are such a hassle to use.

I am fed up with HSN, and their deceptive practices.
I don't even want to get started.
Sorry about the rant.
Maybe when I cool off I'll come back, and elaborate my experience's with HSN.

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I have a few hundred of these and love them. Nothing falls off them, and they will hold very heavy coats. You won't get shoulder lumps from the hangers even on your finest clothing. Sometimes things take a little more time to get on them because of the material they are made from, but this doesn't compare to all the pluses I just mentioned.

You will gain alot of space in your closet with these too. While the hanger part doesn't swirel, I have turned them. No problem here with fuzz coming off mine and I've had them for a few years.

I just bought my mom a set for Xmas because her closet had all mismatched hangers, not to mention clothing falling.

They're great for packing to when you go on vacation because they are flat in the suitcase.

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I've decided I love these steel hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond.

They are so strong, and slimmer than the tubular plastic hangers.

I never really worry about stuff slipping on them (in fact, I like to slide the clothes off, so don't really want flocking).

If I wanted slip-resistance, I'd wrap them in velvet ribbon or something (w/ krazy glue behind the ribbon).

Here is a link that might be useful: steel hangers

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I recently purchased some of these at Target. Yes, they sell a limited selection there of the authentic huggable hangers. I got the trouser hangers which hold 4 pairs, or 8 pairs doubled. There were two to a package selling for $6.98. I agree with the others that they do not swivel very well, but I like the fact that slippery trousers don't slide off. This is a plus for me. I also like the fact that they don't take up a lot of space in my small closet. I don't know how they will be in the long run, but for now I am satisfied. I think this is a good way to try them out without making a large investment.

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I have the flocked hangers from BBB. You do struggle a bit getting things off and on as some garments kind of stick to the hanger. I do like them though, especially for things that tend to slip off a hanger. The thinness is nice. But I would not want a closet full of flocked hangers.

I also like the clear plastic swivel top hangers. They work well and do not make stretched out points on the shoulders of garments like those tubular ones or the wire ones.

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I've been using mine about a month. They are perfect for certain clothes--wide necks, thin straps, and slippery or stretchy material. It's a pleasure not to have clothes falling off their hangers all the time.

Our main "closet" is an awkward clothes rack setup in the laundry/dressing room, and we need to move hangers back and forth a lot to get to things. In another setup, the non-slip factor might not be so important. I have other hangers to dry wet clothes, and I don't need them to swivel. So they're fine for my purposes.

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Okay, I have been using the trouser hangers for a couple months now, and I can say that I absolutely HATE them!! It takes forever to slide the trousers and jeans on them and forever again to remove them. Those things grab knits so badly that it is almost impossible to remove them!! I had planned to order a set of the regular hangers, but I am so disappointed with these, I won't bother now. I still like the fact that they don't take up a lot of space in the closet, but I don't need the aggravation! I am sure I can find something else without flocking that will serve the same purpose! I think I am going to try the steel ones from BBB that talley sue likes.

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Love these.... don't know what some other posters are talking about, but none of the flocking has ever come off any of my hangers. I bought several from HSN and some more from Target and all are excellent! I've never heard from Joy Mangano that they were supposed to swivel swiftly, just that they may be turned in either direction to suit your needs. Those hangers that come from the store with clothes on them.... those hangers drive me crazy. The hook always swivels when you take them off the rod and never seem to straighten themselves in the correct direction without guidance. Anyhow... Huggable Hangers are a little pricey, agreed, but they are worth having. Clothes are very easy to put on them and to remove from them..... perhaps some folks don't like good quality hangers that really do their job....hang onto clothes until they're meant to come off. I am currently looking to buy some more for myself and my daughter.

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Remember the steel hangers I mentioned upthread? I'm so incredibly sad--Bed Bath & Beyond stopped selling them!!

We went in for another reason, and I said, "Let's stock up on a bunch of those!"

No more.

Now the only ones I've seen that are close are the chrome ones at Container Store and a few other places, but I don't like the chrome. Oh, well.

Clothes are very easy to put on them and to remove from them..... perhaps some folks don't like good quality hangers that really do their job....hang onto clothes until they're meant to come off.

Isn't that a little "some folks" a bit of an insult? i'm not an inferior person to you just because I don't like Huggable Hangers!!
! I like hangers that let me slide the clothes off the hanger easily. The smooth steel hangers I have "do their job" the way *I* define it.

I've never heard from Joy Mangano that they were supposed to swivel swiftly, just that they may be turned in either direction to suit your needs.

Ummmmm. . . . can't ANY hanger be turned in either direction? If someone went out of their way to tell me that, I would probably assume that this had to be a slightly unusual feature, and I'd think you meant "without taking them off the rod," which would mean swiveling. That's a very clever little piece of marketing--mentioning this basic trait of ALL hangers implies that it's some sort of extra.

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I love huggable hangers, have come back 3 times to re-purchase. Give them as gifts too. No fuzz issues here and I have LOTS of clothes. They are space savers. Strong. Hold all weight of coats. Never heard about a swivel feature..so I did not expect them to swivel.

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See, it appears to be a love 'em or hate 'em thing.

I was able to try some out because my DD got some for college. I liked the slimmer line, but knew that I also tend not to like the extra effort needed for sticky hangers. I gave them a trial run and decided I preferred the "action" on my plastic hangers. I lose out on some things sliding, but I enjoy easy on/off of the plastic hangers more.

So you can read about all the features, but in the end you just decide what time & motion features work best for you.

It is the similar with many other closet and closet accessory features--some things just work for you personally, and some do not, no matter whether someone else likes it.

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But it is interesting to read the details of why each of us likes them.

I'd read your comment and say, "yeah, I can't be bothered struggling to get my shirt off the hanger in the morning, and stuff doesn't fall off my regular hangers much; I don't think I'd like them.

I'd read nychzck comment about swiveling hangers and think, "Yeah, I hate that too! I won't bother me that they don't swivel," or read comments about wishing they swiveled, and say "Hey, I want swivel."

But I agree--no one is foolish or weird for liking one attribute over the other.

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