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jerseygirl_1August 19, 2007

I designed my own on their website but was wondering if their designers added more options than the website and the difference in cost. Would someone be kind enough to share the cost of an easy closet system that EasyCloset designed?

I have had a closet maid system that I designed for 11

years in my previous home. I would like to put some sort of system in my new home Master Bedroom closet.

I like the easycloset system because it is off the floor. I know I can get an off the floor system by closetmaid also. But I think I can get some different options with Easycloset.

Thanks for sharing.

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It was my experience that you don't get more options if Easy Closets designs it but you do get a higher cost. They seem to chop up the closet more to inflate the price.

We used our design and went with Closets Central. They reviewed our design and made one recommendation that actually brought the cost down.

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