vicnsb's finished kitchen photos!

vicnsbFebruary 16, 2009

A few details still need to be done, but pretty much I am cooking

and living in my new kitchen. I had hoped to take pics with natural

light but it is pouring rain in sunny southern california right now and so no

luck. The pics came out pretty dark.

I found this site by accident, like many do I suppose and immediately

became addicted! I asked a lot of questions and received more info and

help than I ever dreamed of. I don't see some of the names around much

that were so helpful a while back, I really appreciated all of it.

We did not have a large space to work with nor a large budget. We were

very lucky to find someone who did it all at a very reasonable price, enough

so I could afford my dream appliances. We were still very scared starting it

right before our work slowed down and the economy got worse.

I stuck true to my original vision which I think is really difficult to do. But

its MY kitchen and I waited a long time for it! Only having 2 walls to work

with and wanting a 48 range took some thought and compromised my counter space

but I have already entertained and everything functioned so well and it flowed just like I had hoped.

A big thank you to all of you TKO's who make this site so helpful...keep posting!


Details to follow.

more pics...

Here is a link that might be useful: vic's progress

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Oh, my! That is wonderful. I take it the darling pets approve, too. Congratulations. I love the greens and wood tone combination and the use of glass.

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I have been waiting for your finished photos! And in these photos I can finally tell your cabinets are green! LOL

It is wonderful - I love the mix of the green with the stained island and your backsplash tile has a nice pattern. The hood is a great accent in the kitchen too.

I really love the green cabs! That is my favorite part - I wish I had been bold enough to go green on my cabinets now that I've seen yours!

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Absolutely beautiful. Love the color combos and the different textures added by the backsplash, glass front cabs, stained and painted cabs. I am sooooo jealous of your glass front refrigerator. I've always loved that style.

How is the pantry area working out?

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Vic, it's really beautiful. You must be so excited and happy. Like malhgold, I especially love that glass front fridge, and I adore the greeen cabs - another favourite feature. It's so nice that you were able to incorporate your existing stools into the new kitchen design!

Happy cooking,

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Beautiful kitchen, love the backsplash, the granite, the refrigerator.
Good job, enjoy your wonderful space.

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Another huge thumbs up for the glass front fridge - I adore that look but am personally too much of a slob, lol.
Your range wall is gorgeous as well. I'm so glad you were able to get your dream appliances because they are really showstoppers. And I am filled with admiration that you kept your vision throughout the process. You're right - not an easy thing to do!

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HOOOOORAAAAAAYYYY!!! It looks fantastic! I can't believe how different it looks and how useful you made it work with a different layout. I love the cab color combo, the pantry (it's so neat and tidy!), glass front fridge, granite (stunning!!) and handles. Cheers!

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Your kitchen is great! You made good use of your space, and I think the colors work very well together. I much prefer the new island to the peninsula that was there before. I also love your frig. and range. It looks like a very functional place to cook, and it's beautiful too.

PS, the view out the wide sliding doors in the dining room is tantalizing! I can't tell what's there, it almost looks like a naturalistic pool? In any case, I sure wish I had that lush of a view. Right now I'm looking at brown and grey out my window.

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Love the green.
Love the glass front SZ.
Love the big range.
Love the animals.

Great job! Happy you're already enjoying it.

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Love your kitchen! Can't wait for the details--please include color of your cabinets and details regarding your tile backsplash! (Your critters are pretty good looking, too!)

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Love it! Love it all, but especially the countertops. :)

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Vic, what a great transformation!! Removing the bulkhead made a world of difference. Looks great!

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I also would like to know what color/brand your cabinets are. Such a transformation.

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Gorgeous! Classy! Comfortable! You should be so proud and happy to cook in that kitchen! And, on a budget? Really, you'd never know!

I love the color on the cabinets! And, the refrigerator - it's fabulous! GREAT WORK!

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I was so excited to see your post! And, like others, I can finally tell that your cabinets are green and I LOVE them. Such an elegant and upscale change...and so much better for the traffic pattern to the family room!

You know I love your pantry solution (I try to recommend it in almost every layout!), and the glass texture is very cool. I think your stools are perfect-- I like the variations of green with those, the counter, and the cabinets.

Congratulations!! You didn't get your more open plan, but it's SO beautiful and a SO much nicer layout. Enjoy!

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Wow, nice work!! Great choices of colors, cabinetry, backsplash, countertops, flooring, everything. It is remarkable that you got everything you wanted, including that beautiful range, to work together in a relatively compact space. Looks like a "pro" kitchen, no amateurs allowed, right? Beautiful and functional, and an incredible transformation.

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What a transformation! I too love the green & the counters & the floors. It's all very warm & inviting & it definitely does not look like you were on a budget. Congrats on the great new space.

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

Oh, my - what an amazing difference!! It's just beautiful! I love your use of color, and the new layout - it's perfect.

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What a wonderful updated space. That glass front fridge is too cool, love the mix of green and stained cabinets, also your beautiful range and hood. May you have years of happy cooking in your new kitchen!

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Thanks for all of your wonderful comments...I looked forward to this day for what felt like a long time, but I guess compared to some...not so long. pantry is great. Still figuring out where everything is going. I was sure I did not want a corner cabinet and thats why I first decided on my style of pantry. I was originally going to do dishes in drawers like so many here but I did not like the way it felt for us, and I love having them in the pantry closet! I turned the middle drawer in the coffee bar side into a bread and snack drawer and the bottom drawer into baking stuff and its working out great. My DS empties the DW and says it flows really well.

elizpiz...I really love the glass door fridge and am so glad that I chose it. I had not thought about the stools but I am glad that they work because I was exhausted in the decision making process and the $$.

egganddart...thanks it really does funtion well. Good eye on the backyard! I will try and post a pic of part of my view on a sunnier day.

rhome...yay! changing the pattern to the family room was a big want, along with the big range, sink with a view...see I am so happy that I almost forgot that my original want was to open up the entire space! When we learned how much that would cut into our budget I opted to leave the walls as they were and I have no regrets. You have been such a support and I thank you again!

I am so honored to have such wonderful comments by so many of you who I know are so talented in this kitchen world. Thank you all!

My pets are all happy that its over too...although right after the start I lost my 11 year old lab to a brain tumor.
As I type my DS (college age) is downstairs cooking...I love it!

here is view pic for egganddart...

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Vicnsb : What a wonderful change, and full of personality. It is always great to see an unique vision come to life. The combinatins of materials are great. It looks like such a warm, fun place to be in; to eat and enjoy good times. Your appliances are fantastic! Congrats.

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It is YOUR kitchen! You won't see anything like it unless someone copies what you've done-and they may because it is so nice. The pantry looks great. If you like to rearrange things often (I do), the flexible space will work well. Enjoy your kitchen and your DS lunch:D

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WOW !! It looks wonderful as everyone has said. I too love the glass front fridge but DH and DS1 put the cabosh on that...I got everything else though...nah nah. I love the pantry and the great shade of green. All is very very nice !

Now where are the food pics ?? !!! Come on and don't hold out on us...I wanna see. c

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As others have said, you have combined function, aesthetics, and your personal style into a warm, wonderful place to cook and commune. Enjoy!

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WOW!!! what a stunner!! Love it!!!! Your kitchen kicks some serious a$$!!!

i especially love the granite. what is it??

congrats and happy cooking!

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WOW.....have to repeat others....THAT FRIDGE!!!! who knew that could be such an eye cathcer. green is my favorite color and you got the perfect green cabinets. love your own touches, even though most tried to sway you. and i have to add something about that view. where are you located??????? overall, great job.....

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Now here is a kitchen I've been longing to see! Between your great spirited posts before and while your reno was progressing to your wonderfully supportive posts for the rest of us, I just knew you were going to produce a wonderful, warm and inviting kitchen. And you certainly did! It's lovely!! You also worked wonders with your space, utilizing every inch of it so well. And, I'm definitely drooling over your appliances, glasswork, countertops. Well, just everything! And, don't let me forget about the pantry which is likely to become THE inspiration pantry for me given thst yours looks close to the size of my own(pray tell, what are the dimensions for yours?) And, don't let me leave here without telling you that I think that garden of yours puts the "G" in Garden Web. You go! Thanks so much for sharing with us. You have every right to soak in all kinds of cheers and praises 'cause you done real good!

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What a fabulous job you did. I love your glass door pantry.You've given me a great idea. I just wonder if I could keep it as uncluttered. Your granite is beautiful!
May you have many happy years cooking on that magnificant range.

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Wow! I love your fridge! What is the width? You did an amazing job with a small space. Love it!! How do you like have a glass door fridge? I'm thinking it would make me... neater!

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Very gorgeous kitchen. I love the green color. Very warm. Congratulations!!

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Your kitchen is so cool! Love how it's different from anyone elses. Granite is soooo pretty!

Awww and i love your pets!

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Love the range, the backsplash and the painted cabinets especially! Can you share what paint color that is?

Your pets are adorable too! :o)

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I almost missed this glad I found it....I had been watching you kitchen progress. Congrats on the beautiful end result, you did a great job. It really is beautiful. You stuck to your vision and boy did it pay off. Happy cooking.

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Boy you guys are so great! Only here does everyone really "get it", everything
it takes going through this process.

trailrunner...I actually have started cooking again, got my new wok, cooked
kung pao chicken, pork fried rice, and trying to get my new wok to season up right! are too kind, I will try to get my dimension down as I post my details. Just been running in and out today.

I don't know any paint colors as he just brought us the sample green door and we watched him glaze until he got the shade we wanted.

To all of you, some of whom I know your kitchens very well, others I am waiting to see unveiled...thanks! (didn't mean to make a poem :)

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gglks...sorry forgot to answer you, we are in a small beach town in SoCal,
Seal Beach.

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An amazing transformation. Would never even know it was the same space! Love your green cabs, your ribbed glass doors and the way you tied together the floor and backsplash. I am so happy for you and know that you are going to enjoy this kitchen for many years. And your view is GORGEOUS! We're still looking at snow out our window, here in NH!

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pics vic pics !!!! the wok will get there ...give it 38 years or so !! Also try it on the charcoal grill. The heat is great and it will season the h&*( out of it. The taste is fantastic. c

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That transformation is just stunning!! I LOVE the refrigerator (but that would not work for me since my 'fridge is too messy). I love the green cabinets!! The whole space is really classic and contemporary at the same time. Great job!

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Beautiful and unique! I love everything in the kitchen and the garden!

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Beautiful kitchen! I like painted cabinetry, but is especially nice to see a unique color.

I think my favorite are the pulls you chose. Where did you find them?

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fantastic! Great job. Looks like a beautiful and functional space. I hope you enjoy it!

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Wow, I LOVE it!! I would never look at that kitchen and think it was "on a budget" - you know what I mean. I love the cabinet color and the thoughtful layout and I am so glad it is working out well and you are so happy with it! How awesome!! Nice job. And I love Seal Beach!

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Finally able to post some details;

Cabinets are custom maple, built on site, doors & drawer fronts from Drees Wood Products. Partial overlay. Full extension drawers.

Painted, stained and glazed on site, sorry I don't know name of green color, he brought green door over and glazed it until I chose the color.

Cabinet hardware is MNG Striped in brushed chrome purchased at Expo at 30% off. Large handles are 9 inch, 5 inch and egg knobs. Love how it works with the SS appliances.

Pantry door from Home Depot, reed glass & stained.

All gas Wolf 48 range with open burners, such a joy to cook on!

36 Glass front Subzero, not to worry about being neat, you can't see through it that well!

Fisher-Paykel integrated dish drawers

Ventahood liner BH346PSLD inside custom made hood- works really well and the lighting is awesome

Rohl Allia Firecly 6307 in biscuit, big and beautiful

Hansgrohe Allegro Gourmet Faucet in Brushed Nickel

Mountain Dual faucet with hot tank, really love this for tea and decided not to get chiller for cold side and don't regret it

Body Glove filtration

Insinkerator Evolution garbage disposer

CSL xenon undercounter lights 30% off from Expo, these are really great, I think a must have item.

Flooring is 16 inch tile purchase a few years ago when we tiled our downstairs family room, laundry and bathroom. We purchased some to save for our future kitchen remodel. Of course we came up short and DH had to do lots of shopping to find some. We also used mosaic inserts.

Backsplash tiles are from Home Depot, I searched and searched tile stores and then started looking online when I came across these. I think the name is Marazzi but not sure. It was exactly what I envisioned.

Ceiling lights are all recessed, a pendant just did not feel right in the space.

Granite is Costa Esmeralda and it is just gorgeous in person.

Island is 94 x 45.5 including countertop. It includes a 18 trash recycle, micro cab, tray cab. Micro side is only 18 deep.

Microwave is Panasonic, I chose it to go undercounter in island because my last one for 20 years was undercounter, I don't use it for much and I am tight on space. It works great for us.

Pantry outside dimensions are 60 wide x 30 deep. I have shelves on one side only. I designed the corner pantry because it was very important to me not to work in a corner as I did for 20 years. It can hold a ton of stuff, since my space was limited. It holds all small appliances, large pots, all canned goods, bottled goods, step stool and dishes. I originally had thought of doing dishes in drawers as so many of you love, but it didn't feel right for us and this feels great.

Sony 22 flat screen.

I'm sure I have forgotten something, but please just ask! I can't say enough of all of you here that have made this experience so wonderful and made me feel so proud of what I have accomplished. So happy to be finished, but I'm almost...

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Fori is not pleased

Avocado green! Yeah! Beautiful!

I think I might copy some things! :)

I already have your dishwasher and faucet...and there's the dispenser info I wanted from that dispenser thread. I love your door style--not too plain, not too fussy. And I'm going to reconsider hard flooring. I love terracotta and similar materials. If you're sad that your remodel is over, you're certainly welcome to do mine.

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Wow just beautiful and I love you Costa. But I have to say your garden just blows my mind.

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Just wanted to say 'beautiful'. I am glad you found a green granite that you liked. By the way, I used to live in Seal Beach.

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Thanks fori, sounds like similar tastes! I really do miss the drawing & trying to find a better layout. I have hardwood throughout living,entry & dining. I chose the large tiles for lower level & kitchen. We are just old school I guess, water = tile.
Klutter, thanks the pergola we put in many years ago and the vines took over!
Jstell, I think you have the gorgeous jungle green I almost got. It was a tough call but the costa was lighter & that's what I was after. Wow an ex neighbor! It's a small town! Thanks!

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Hey Vic! One wide is your pantry door? Thanks!!!

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Vic, I am interested in the contractor you used and have sent you an email. I don't live that far away from Seal Beach and I am looking for some recommendations and you sound very happy.

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Vic, I did have the jungle green granite and I still love it. Your granite looks like it will be easy to care for, just like mine is. I used to live in College Park West in Seal Beach on Yale Lane. I still have friends that live there.

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mahlgold, sorry for the delay door is 24" wide and seems wide enough. That is really all I had room for though.

amela, I will email you soon.

jstell, I know a few people in that area too. Did you move far?


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Vic, you really have a slice of paradise! What a beautiful backyard!! I love the big view from the inside. 3000 miles away and the wind is HOWLING tonight.

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I moved to the Black Hills in South Dakota, near Mt. Rushmore. Beautiful area, kind of like Tahoe. No state income taxes either, unlike CA

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Congrats vicnsb!! I know you've been planning your remodel for such a long time... I remember seeing posts from you way back in early 2007. But you have designed a beautiful, unique kitchen! Love that glass-door SubZero!
So... may I please please add your kitchen to the Finished Kitchens Blog? All you need to do is to submit the FKB Category Checklist.

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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Yes of course and thank you! I will try to take care of it
in the next couple of days. And thank you for all that you
continue to do...which helps so many of us!

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Amazing transformation! I love your refrigerator. You have a beautiful kitchen.

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I'm still in the process of building an addition and basically gutting the rest of the house. My kitchen is about 90% complete and usable. I just wanted to say that my new cabinets look very similar to these. They are from Schrock and the color is Moss with a glaze. They seem to change in the light - sometimes looking sage and other times looking a very soft moss color. I was set on green after seeing a magazine picture of custom painted cabinets. I searched all the cabinet companies until I found a color that I liked and could afford and decided on the Schrock. I couldn't be any happier with my choice. We have had nothing but compliments especially from men - which really surprised me.

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Wow, what's not to love about this kitchen. Love the fridge, love the pantry door that matches the glass front cabs, love your countertops. Even love the dog! You should be proud. This is a dream kitchen. Tons of great detail and lots of thought put into it.

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Thanks monkey, mile and doll...
mile I would love to see your green cabs, I may have missed
them, unless you haven't posted yet. Thanks!

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