dishwasher bottom racks are too low

nippy2February 5, 2013

We have an older dishwasher, and its bottom shelf is 5" HIGHER than any dishwasher on the market.
I don't wish to buy a dishwasher that is going to make me reach as low as the floor to deal with the bottom shelf.
Why don't manufacturers make some models that are 'shorter', for those who can't or don't want to bend so low?
They will say it is so you can wash pots and pans - I'd rather wash them by hand and save my back!
Also - note that dishwashers are displayed on raised platforms - so that we won't notice how low we would need to bend.

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Is there a question you wanted to ask?

(I doubt anyone here can give you a satisfactory answer to "Why don't manufacturers make some models that are 'shorter', for those who can't or don't want to bend so low? " other than that most DW purchasers want lots of interior space in their DW.)

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Look at doing a single dish drawer then. You'll lose about half the capacity though. So, you might consider reconfiguring the cabinets to do a raised DW if you have any other alterations in the future.

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Have you looked at ADA-compliant models? They're slightly shorter (usually 31-32") so they can be installed on a raised toekick and still fit under a 36" counter. That would raise the bottom rack by a few inches!

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I know what you're describing! When I replaced my diswasher (it's been more than a few years), they were still selling the older versions . . . but the "tall boys" were just coming out. I understand that now the "tall boys" ARE the standard, and the older, higher versions are no longer available.

Personally, I LOVE my "tall boy" because my larger pots fit into the lower level, and my tall iced tea glasses fit into the top rack. I do agree that reaching down farther took some getting used to. Also, it's worth noting that I am very short, so I'm already a little closer to the ground than most people; chances are you're taller than I am, and you would feel differently.

Since you don't want to reach down, I think you have some good suggestions already:

- Investigate the drawer concept.
- Look into ADA versions.

And here's another one:

- I've seen islands that have a plain old storage drawer UNDER the dishwasher, raising it up 6" or so. This means you'd have a "tall end" to your island, so you have to decide whether that appeals to you or not. I suppose it doesn't have to be an island -- it could fit into the end of a counter.

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