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justgotabmeAugust 26, 2008

I thought it might help to know a little bit about each other so we understand where our organizational ideas come from and the reason they work for us.

HUMANS: Male and female in our fifties.

FUR-BABIES: Two male, one female kitties all between one and two years old.

JOB TYPE: Hubby's a programmer analyst at one of the universities in Omaha, I'm a stay at home wife and kitty watcher. Soon to be babysitter to our grandbaby boy.

WHERE LOCATED: Small acreage in the country a little north of Omaha, NE.

DWELLING TYPE: Two story Victorian Revival.

OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: We have two grown children. A son and daughter both in mid twenties. Neither live at home. Our son has an eight and a half month old adorable son.



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Since I'm actively procrastinating at work this afternoon (killing time before a meeting)... ;-)

Humans: Myself (33) and Hubby (44).

Pets: 2 largish dogs, a couple of fancy goldfish, 1 leopard gecko, and a foursome of firebellied toads

Job Type: I'm a full-time internet specialist (webmistress), hubby's a full-time computer tech.

Where Located: Billings, MT

Dwelling Type: Our house is a 1958 Ranch style: 2500 sq. ft, main floor and basement with a large yard and attached/detached garage (attached to the house, but entry from outside only). Haven't been up in the attic, but have heard the occasional thump, so probably should check it out one of these days...

Other Info: Childfree by choice, we each have one sibling and both parents who all live in town. We both like to work outside in summer, leaving the inside disorganized. We both have many interests, which also sometimes makes organizing difficult. Halloween is our "Christmas" - and the reason our storage room is so stuffed. :-)


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Jamie, my neice went to college in Billings. I haven't heard what she's going to do now that she's graduated. Her Mom, my older sister, lives in Sheridan, WY. The girls (she too has an older sister) were talking about going to Denver this year. I've been to Billings once. It's a nice city.

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HUMANS: Male and female in our fifties.
FUR-BABIES: Our girl Ollie, shes 10.Shes a mix of pit or boxer or something!! Shes our sweetie.
JOB TYPE: I'm a stay at home bum. LOL Hubby works in a machine shop and we are building a DIY house and gardens in our spare time.
WHERE LOCATED: 11 acres in NE pa. (Pocono mountians area)
DWELLING TYPE: Ummm dont know how to describe it.
We originally built a house on a 1/3 of an acre and the 11 acres behind us became available. We bought it and decided to build another house, heres a pic but its not current.

OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: We have two three grown sons. 5 grandchildren ranging from ages 11- 2, and another expected in March. Our son will buy our current home and his 3 kids will be within walking distance of our house.

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Ironically, Becky, my husband was just in Omaha for a business trip (second time). :-)

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HUMANS: Male and female in our fifties with three children still at home.
FUR-BABIES: One dog that is part basset and lab. Lab head and basset body
JOB TYPE: DH is disabled and in a wheel chair since 2000 with MS. I am the overwhelmed care giver.
WHERE LOCATED: SW FL originally from LI and left there in 1984.
DWELLING TYPE: One story contemporary built in 1993.
OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: Have three kids, two are teens and the other is 10. DH does nothing but sit and watch TV from the moment he wakes up. Have been getting overwhelmed in the last few years with life and can't seem to function as I once did. Seems like all the balls I have been juggling have fallen and some days I don't even care.

Just realized the other day that this house really doesn't have much storage and trying to figure out where everything should go is more of a chore than I thought.

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HUMANS: I'm 44 yrs old, DH is 45. 3 sons ages 14, 12, 8.
FUR-BABIES: Two cats.
JOB TYPE: Marketing manager for a life insurance company. DH is a theater production technical assistant.
WHERE LOCATED: Columbus, Ohio about 3 miles north of Ohio State University campus (go Bucks!).
DWELLING TYPE: 1400 sq ft Cape Cod built in 1953. 4 small BR - 2 up, 2 down. 2 baths which is rare for 1953. Our house was built to be the parsonage for the church that's across the street. Church sold it in 1992 to fund sanctuary expansion project - we bought it then. LOTS of quirks because it was built by the congregation, none of whom seems to have known anything about house construction, wiring, or plumbing. It's all about LOCATION and we have a great location just a dog of a house.
OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: DH's work is irregualar and mostly nights and weekends. He's here all day while I'm at work, making a mess. When we got married, his mom said "I am so glad to get Donnie out of the house so I can finally enjoy a clean house." He's a real life Pigpen from Peanuts, except that instead of a cloud of dirt, it's a cloud of paper and clutter. I'm certainly no saint but he is the absolute biggest packrat that has ever walked the earth - you'd think he's 95 and survived the Depression the way he can't let go of a single thing, not even a section of a newspaper. It's a good thing I love the big lug or I would have divorced him the first year due to the mess and clutter alone.

MY DEAREST DREAM: To someday be a minimalist. Once the kids are grown and gone - will live alone with just a table, a chair, and a futon. I will own nothing and nothing will own me!

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Oh my gosh Jamie! You'll have to come with him sometime. We are just twelve miles north of northwest Omaha.

dd50, I'm so sorry about your hubby's illness. It's so hard on the caregiver. Many don't relize just how hard. Mentally and physically.

I'm so glad I started this. It will really help us understand each other's situation more.

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well, lets see if i can do this....

DH & i are in our 50's. We took an early retirement and we're living in the low desert area of Arizona.

Our only child still at home has fur....he's a 10 yr old Pug that we adore. We have a grown up daughter who is an RN at a state Psychiatric hospital. That's a whole other topic..:-)

One grandchild, 10 mo. old baby boy who just started walking. The love of our lives!

Our house is a typical 1700sq' stucco southwest type home.

I guess that pretty much covers it.

justgotabme , i'm so glad you posted this. It is interesting to read about everyone.

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I am too Arizonarose. I hope other's will join in and tell us about themselves.

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Ok, here it goes...

HUMANS: Male and female in our forties and thirties.
BABIES: Two girls, 3 years and 20 months old. None of the fur kind.
JOB TYPE: Hubby is a business consultant in a private firm, I am a music librarian at the state university in Athens.
WHERE LOCATED: A few kilometers from the city center (walking distance, maybe less than an hour) in Athens, Greece.
DWELLING TYPE: 2 bedroom 2nd floor apartment (750-800 sq ft).
OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: DH and I work about the same hours. When we are both home it is very difficult to get anything done as our 2 toddlers are always underfoot and DH may want me to talk or just listen to him (I love him dearly, but he is the kind of person who is always bugged by something. Also there are all those instances that he says something that makes me feel heavy and drained of energy...) I am much more productive when at home alone with the kids. Our relatively small space makes it necessary to keep on top of decluttering, and not having lots to spend makes it easier to not bring uneeded things in the house in the first place. I am a long time member here although I mostly lurk.


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HUMANS: I'm 46, hubby is 58. Our wonderful daughter is 14 - yes, she's still wonderful! LOL
FUR-BABIES: Two cats, Tiger & Lily... and a favored stray named Romeo... one large brown lap dog, named Bugs.
JOB TYPE: I work for the Chamber of Commerce... hubby is closing his business and not sure what he'll do next.
WHERE LOCATED: Des Moines, Iowa
DWELLING TYPE: Currently, due to June flooding, a 27-foot camper :) Hopefully soon: a 1950's 3-BR ranch on higher ground.

Here is a link that might be useful: The House we're trying to buy

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WOW Maria, all the way over in Greece! That's exciting. To me that's only been as far away as Canada!

Janetgia, we're kind of neighbors. We live in Eastern Nebraska, as you may have read above. What you don't know is that my wonderful hubby is from Des Moines, and still has family there! We were married and lived in Des Moines and bought our first home in Norwalk, Ia, So I know the area fairly well. I love Des Moines! But then I'm originally from eastern Iowa.

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Okay, I can handle this...
HUMANS: Male and female in our early sixties
FUR-BABIES: None, been there, done that.
JOB TYPE: Hubby's works for the FAA, I bailed 3 years ago after 40 years in various dental related jobs.
DWELLING TYPE: Two story garrison (sort of like a colonial, only the upper floor is bumped out about 2 feet in the front).
OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: We chose not to have children. Hobbies for my hubby include playing classical guitar, I am an avid grower of African violets. I hated 'cleaning' from a young age, and am just within the past year finally getting it together. We have lived in 3 different large 4 bedroom houses since 1974, and purging just never seemed to happen. But now that I'm home all day with my 'stuff', I find it easier to get rid of it. Finally.....

Janetgia, good luck on getting your new home. I looked at the pictures, and are you trying to ID the plant in the 8th picture? I believe it is a rhododendron.


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Becky - thanks for waving hello... I was born and raised here, I really love the community... though after last winter, I seriously contemplated moving us all to FLORIDA! LOL

Barbara, hello, yes I had posted that photo over in one of the Gardening forums and the consensus was that it is rhododendron - thanks for thinking to ask the question! The poor thing got whacked even MORE by the folks who came and mowed/weed-wacked the yard at that house a couple weeks ago, so there's even less of it now than there was when I took the picture.


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HUMANS: I am 58, DH will be 60 this year
FUR-BABIES: Two 6 year old female boxers, girls, Sasha and Bella.
JOB TYPE: We both retired this year, after 30+ years fed service. I am working part time as office manager, aka, only employee for my friends acupuncture office.

WHERE LOCATED: South of RIchmond VA
DWELLING TYPE: Two story Colonial. Bought in a hurry when we moved back here after 5 years in Michigan. Not our forever home, i hope
OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: Second marriage for both of us, 18 years, we have four grown children between us. and 6 grands from 5 months to almost-10 years old. Love decorating, no talent though. New to the GW, but enjoy reading everyones posts, lots of talented people here, great ideas .

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thanks for the hello too! I have yet to meet someone from Greece here on this forum...

we are so close in age: I'm 37 and DH is 47.


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jennava, welcome to GW you will find out so much great info on this site.

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Hi All--
I usually lurk, and occasionally post, at the bathroom forum. Remodeling, always remodeling SOMETHING!

Here are my responses, for what they're worth...

HUMANS: Single female, mid-fifties. Div. mom to two human children, still at home: son, 18 and daughter, 15.
FUR-BABIES: Rosey Bob, the best dog in the world (but I'm biased) Female, 8 yo Hovawort...fabulous dog!
JOB TYPE: Took early retirement in 2005, after 25 years with the state, in social work. Now self-employed as child custody investigator (legal social work).
WHERE LOCATED: Anchorage, ALASKA! (yep, we're a state!)
DWELLING TYPE: 1978 Split-level, aka bi-level, raised ranch--with a non-existent entryway, but on a great lot!! (woods on the south and east sides, and 12 minutes from downtown)
OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: Never much of a housekeeper, but became overwhelmed after a car accident in 2004 that left me pretty much immobile for months. (tough with a f.t. job, two kids, etc.) Just accumulated WAY too much "stuff" and am now slowly getting rid of it. I'll be visiting this forum often, and reading past posts, too. Thanks-


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I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading about you all! I lurk constantly, but rarely post... but here goes:

HUMANS: me (30), hubby (30), no kids yet because we are still pretty undecided about the whole matter.
FUR-BABIES: 2 cats (brothers) who are the best cats ever, except when they knock something over.
JOB TYPE: I work at a non-profit that serves people with developmental disabilities and absolutely love it!
WHERE LOCATED: Pacific Northwest
DWELLING TYPE: 1929 English cottage home--all 900 tiny feet of it... We love our house, but there are certainly days that I could appreciate having a new, easy-to-clean house with functional closets and a dishwasher.
OTHER INFO THAT MAY TELL A STORY OF WHY: my hubby and I are transplants to the Northwest. We planned to kill a year and then move, and hear we still are, eight years later! Now we wouldn't dream of moving away.

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