Walk in Closet PICS?

liptonjlAugust 6, 2008

Looking for inspiration. DO you have a pic of your WIC?

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These aren't the best pictures of our walk in, but it's all I have. They were taken during the building process. I designed the layout, stained and hubby and I both installed them.

On some of the shelves we now have fabric covered boxes with lids, one of them with dividers for sorting my socks. They were meant for Christmas ornaments. I took out the dividers in all but one since it worked perfectly for keeping my socks organized by color and/or style. Other's have Ts, shorts and such. We also have some fabric covered boxes without lids for other things.

The first two pictures below are of hubby's side of the closet before we hung his clothes. The last is of my side, which obviously needed dusting! LOL. It wasn't quite ready for my clothes yet. Obviously.

In all it's six feet wide and fourteen foot something long. We still have room to the left of the entry (where I was when I took the pictures)to add more shelves on my side. We have a clothes basket just inside the doorway on hubby's side for our dirty laundry. When the basket is near full I take it to the laundry room across the hall where I have hampers for sorting them.

And just to show you what it looked like before we started....

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justgotabme, that's a gorgeous closet setup!

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Thank you talley_sue_nyc.

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justgotabme - I have closet envy! My closets are too small for the wonderful fittings you have created :(
Ah well, another things on the list for "my next house."


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Love that. Mine isn't that big but could sure use the space.

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Thank you Elizabeth and dd50. The only problem with having the space is you tend not to rid yourself of things you no longer wear.

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Mine is about 9x15. It's not only a walk in closet, but also my sewing room (counter with the window) and acts as a nursey currently as well. It's still in progress, with doors to be added to the boxes on the left side, and lighting to go in the glass door cabinets. All glass door cabinets on the right have bars (shirts, pants and skirts). To the back side it has a long storage area for ballgowns, fur coats, and other less used items. (I say that like I have 42 fur coats LOL I don't). Then there is a shelf that run around the entire room aside from the window wall which will house less used items. There are still a few trim pieces to install and rods, but to give an idea, here's a few pics.

THe lighting is just for show during the inspection. It will be replaced with a gorgeous antique fixture. The walls are being done in venetian plaster. (Should be done this week).

We stole the space for this closet from our master bedroom. It had been a sitting area. When we remodeled we took space for the closet (just built a simple wall) and added to the master bath by stealing the space in two linen closets we had filled with junk we didn't need. The room was huge before (658 sq ft) and is still good size, but the closet makes it SOOO much more functional. We also removed a silly soaker tub that was IN the bedroom and used that plumbing to add a stackable washer and dryer on the same floor (the other one is four levels down in the five level townhouse). Removing the tub gave us the sitting area we took for this closet.

Obviously we could use a few knobs and pulls LOL but we'll get there! In fact, thank you for this question....because it reminds me to order them today!

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Igloo, I have to say that is one gorgeous closet. What kind of wood is it? It's beautiful. I love wood and the grain is very pretty. Love the rigged glass doors too. Are you doing this yourselves?

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I should have posted my before pic Becky...I did that one myself. It hung about ohhh 45 degrees off of level from front to back and side to side. My cats could slide down from one end to the other :) One day we put a coat on..and it all came down LOL So, with that experience in mind, I had this one done on my design. It's done in walnut, some veneer, some solid. And it was done on a budget (I almost stuck to it) of $5,000. The added value (per our appraisor on the closet alone) is over $20,000 to our home, so I thought it was a good investment.

Thank you for the compliment. I absolutely love the closet...it's funny, but I can go in there and "see" the finished house sometimes LOL Almost everyone ohhhss and ahhhhsss when they see it, and frankly, it was the lowest cost room to do :)

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Well, I can see why everyone loves it. I know our closet gets lots of ohhs, but next time someone goes nuts over it, I'll show them yours! LOL.
I knew I should recognize the wood, it just wasn't coming to me. I love walnut. You don't see it too often anymore. It was quite popular in the mid century era. My folks had a set of three Lane living room tables and I have an end table and round coctail table by Lane from that era in walnut also. I picked mine up at a garage sale years ago when no one else wanted that style for only ten dollars for the pair. I loved them. They need refinishing, but that's futher down the list. Today we were working on the shelving for the laundry room. Hopefully I'll get the lasts coats of poly on the reverse sides in the morning. I'm using waterbased stains and poly.

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Oh you'd get a kick of my laundry "room" issues Becky LOL I actually have two, if closets count as rooms (since we're in a five level house we have a stackable in our master suite and a standard pair down on the first level). The master closet is really a closet with a stackable, so no organization there, though somewhere to keep soap would be nice...I have to think about that. But the downstairs i a deep closet. It was a MESS. I had left over tile from the bathroom remodel so we tiled both floors (they were linoleum and we were doing wood on each floor) and now I'm painting.

I had three cheepy home despot unfinished oak cabinets over the washer and dryer. I thought they were hung ok (I did it) but apparently not because my cabinet guy was horrified and rehung them (something technical about using studs LOL). Inside those closet were two years of remodel crap that just got crammed in while we were away. Cookies, crackers, shampoo, cereal, whatever laundry was the last load, blah blah, what a mess! I'm painting the cabs...I think I'll take a pic now and then an after to see if it can inspire me to stay "after"

Good luck on yours. I have one more coat on the walls, then three coats on the cabs and probably a glaze (I'm trying a soft yellow on the cabs).

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Igloochic, that's going to be one amazing closet! I love the ribbed glass you've used on the cabinet doors!

We have a WIC, but I'm not about to show anybody it at the moment ;^P
Mine's fairly small. At the present time, as you walk in through two half doors that open out into our bedroom foyer. There are double and single rods, open shelves, closed cabs and drawers on either long side (His & Hers). I've hung a full-length mirror opposite the door and there's a skylight above it that brings natural light into the closet. Looking at Justgotabme's closet pics just now, it came to me that we could take down the mirror and have shallow cabinets built in at the far end instead! We could even put a mirror (or mirrors) on those doors. We'd gain a lot more storage, but could still have a full-length mirror to check out outfits in.
Have I mentioned recently that I love this forum?!?!

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