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covellaAugust 21, 2008

I don't see a separate forum for office space and design. Can somebody send me there? I'm interested in looking at ideas for making our basement multi-use space more usable with IKEA furniture.

I have one space that is behind a support beam boxed in a drywall column so its kind of naturally separated from the rest of the room. The wall is painted cement block in a light yellow. the floor is currently a nice commercial grade tan linoleum tile but we are thinking carpet for warmth. It is well lit from above with recessed fluorescent lights running the length and is about 5' wide and 30 ft long. I was thinking of running a long craft/art work table, computer space, storage cabinets, and study carol along the wall. We do homework upstairs but as kids get older they need to separate out.

I'd like storage for some craft supplies, office supplies, all the computer stuff, student books and homework papers.

My kids school stuff is everywhere and I want a place to keep the current years things. I don't want it to look like a runway and I'd like it to be a little creative if possible. I guess the decorative touches - if I have a decorative bone in my body - will accomplish that.

We want our internet access closer to parents so I'm not allowing that unless its a removable network card.

The whole thing needs to be cheap, very well organized, attractive and very functional. The rest of the room is large and will have a ping-pong table, probably a small seating space with a small TV, storage for toys and books.

I am going to insist that this room is not a constant mess so that everyone can use it. I am not a naturally organized person and I find that I get an idea, buy something, drop the idea and then try again. I have a mishmash of stuff that I'm sorry I own.

So I was thinking IKEA which hopefully will meet my goals for at least functionality and everything to match.

I hope I'm not totally on the wrong forum!

send me elsewhere if I am

thanks so much


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I think a long corridor of desks and bookshelves and files and cabinets is a terrific idea. You can use 24 inch depth things, and still have the 3 feet you need to circulate. You could create a rhythm of low and tall things...kneehole desk space, followed by a storage piece under the desktop, followed by a narrow tall bookcase, and repeat the whole sequence for each child, with common computer space at one end and a long craft area designed for you at the other? You could connect the bookcases visually with two upper shelves running between them, to give each child more storage over the desk space. Of course the allocation would depend on how many children you have...if you have three, for instance, each station could have 4 or 5 feet of surface including a 2 or 3 foot wide undercounter storage thing, and a 15 or 18 inch wide bookcase, and you'd have about 12 more running feet to work with. You could buy the storage units and bookcases in one system, and then have a long countertop made from a nice laminate, broken only by the bookcases, to tie the whole thing together. Each child could have a lamp, and a bulletin board and a whiteboard to write on over his/her desk space.

Is there a wall behind you when you sit in this area? If so, you could break it up with long slender stock mirror panels from the home center opposite each bookcase, and mural wallpaper of beaches or forests or mountains between, just for fun.

Ooops...I got a little carried away!

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Hi Bronwynsmom - the desk space would face the wall and its open room behind. I like your idea of repeating high and low. The more I thought about this I started to make a list of what I want. I also want to have most of the furniture on casters as office spaces tend not to get cleaned underneath and I'd like to keep this space nice.
My kids originally wanted flat floors to be able to build stuff on it like Legos and KNex but thats not a forever thing. Its too cold on the floor as it turns out and they don't go there. The commercial tile was a bad idea unfortunately.

I also want copioius amounts of storage and lighting. If we do much on the wall above I will add lights along the way so the shelving doesn't cast shadows.

My main thing is I don't want to get carried away and spend too much money. I have other central spaces in my house that need work too.

I orignally wanted to do one whole wall of that room with one of those giant maps of the world but I stopped when the one I found was like $400. I am trying to find some photo ideas from IKEA furniture - you know its very spare and functional. Not cottage style for ex. I'm not averse to spending money but I'm trying to change my approach and plan it first instead of having a brainstorm that turns into a brain 'fart'!

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