Finally gave away two big bags of stuff!

harriethomeownerAugust 28, 2008

I'd been throwing unwanted clothes and shoes into some big bags for at least 6 months but never could get up the fortitude to give them away. Finally, Purple Heart called and I put them out and they're gone! I don't even remember all that was in there, but whatever it was, I'm sure I won't miss it.

Now will have to start another bag ...

And work on getting a basement's worth of stuff listed on Freecycle ...

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That's great and the more you do the easier it gets.

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Congrats! Feels good to have it finally gone, I bet...

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The best part is that you won't even miss that stuff. Doesn't it feel good? Big smile! MaryLiz

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Good for you to finally let go of it. They do say that if you haven't used what's in the bag or box for 6 months, it means you don't need it.

Sometimes all we need is that push to get something done or just a phone call. It's easier when someone says they'll come and get it because it really takes away any excuses to hang on to it.

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Yup. I have no idea what I gave away last year via Freecycle but I sure love the empty space it left!

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