Please vote on stove/cabinet layout!

raee_gwFebruary 13, 2013

Thanks to tbb123, I have another option to consider in choosing the layout of the stove wall (talking IKEA cabinets here).

Which do you think looks most practical?

In this first one, the small 6" space to the right of the stove would be fitted with a spice pull-out (the small upper cab would be a good spot for all my tea and coffee, I think)

I haven't mastered putting multiple pics in a post (photobucket and I are feuding) so the next post will show the other option.
I am looking forward to your input!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea design #1

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Here is the second design.

My main concern with choice #1 is the very small space between the stove and the wall.

I really don't see any flaws with design #2 -- please feel free to point any out to me, thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA design #2

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Can't view the diagrams without downloading the Ikea software, which I cannot do at work due to network restrictions. You have to save them as a JPEG and then insert them into the posts to get the best response.

In general though, pullouts have to be between cabinets. For a 6" pullout, that 6" cannot be next to an appliance. At a minimum, you would need to install a 3/4" securely installed secured to the wall panel next to the range. Practically, since walls are never straight, you would need to do the same on the right side as well as put at least a 1" filler there. You're up to 2 1/2" of needed infrastructure now, and things come in 3" increments. That means a 1 1/2" filler, a 3/4" panel, then a 3" pull out, then a 3/4" panel. In a small kitchen even a 3" pullout can be useful, but it really doesn't hold a lot. It's much better if you could do a 12" pull out pantry in that location.

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Okay, trying again! First one design...

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And the other:

(Thank you live_wire_ oak for the information; I knew that I would have to build some kind of a frame or box but you made it clear for me!)

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One plus for design 2 is how straightforward the counters are. The IKEA farmhouse sink spans the whole depth of the counter. So you are talking 4 rectangles of counter here - and possibly some good deals. First you'd install the stove and the base cabinet to its right (with any filler needed if the walls are wavy - may keep the drawers from opening smoothly.) Then you can have the counters cut to cover the gap and overhang the sink-wall base cabinets all the way down.

Here is a link that might be useful: Undermounting IKEA farmhouse sink

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Artichokey posted this narrow-space pullout on another thread. Might have some application for design 1.

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom DIY pullout

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In #2 I think you would need to leave room for some filler on the left of the range in order to allow the oven door to open without whacking the handles of the adjacent cabs. For the same reason you need to plan carefully so that the first cabs doors have room to open without banging into the front of the range.

Corners are tricky and require thought.

In #1 I would want to have a bit more than 6" on the right and therefore would make that section wider, even at the cost of narrowing the cab on the left. Might require some fancy hacks if these dimensions don't match stock IKEA.

Without a floor plan (with measurements) it's hard to know if one of the extra deep IKEA counter tops could be used in #1 to cover the longer counter and the short L- extending over to the stove, without having a seam. It's possible there wouldn;t be as much wste as you imagine as you might be able to get the right hand counter section from the part you cur off to make the L. Cutting the counter seems easier to me than fussing with getting a seam to look right.



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