Nailing in parting beads

graywings123August 30, 2011

Where do you get the nails to secure parting beads in place? Is this a specialty item or can you buy them at Home Depot?

I found a site that recommends 1.5 inch hardwood trim nails from Maze Nails. These nails have a gauge of 0.072. Is this a commonly available nail?

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Do you have to nail them in? I usually just shove them back in place and rely on the paint film to keep them there.

I have a few places where earlier restorers (pre-1880's) broke a few when they changed out the small light sash for 2 X 2 (darn it!) and broke or cut a few of the orginal parting beads. The smaller pieces were nailed back in, and the rest are just held in by friction (but still need a lot of mojo to get out). I am not pleased when I run into the nailed sections.


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A small finish nail is all they need.

I usually put them at the top and bottom, but far enough from the ends to eliminate any chance of splitting the parting bead.

A gun driven nail is better for reducing the chance of hammering causing any damage.

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I don't have a nail gun.

I know I need small finish nails. I am asking where to buy them. When I nail shop at HD, the 1.5 inch long nails seem too thick to use in a parting bead.

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They sell them at HD. If you can't find them, just ask. Tell them you need finish nails for a woodworking project.

If you don't have a nail gun, that is fine. They obviouslt didn't have nail guns when they were putting that window together originally. To prevent splitting, you can predrill a hole in the bead slightly smaller than the nail.

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My parting beads aren't nailed in either...just fitted in and held by friction. I haven't broken any yet, so I don't know if new ones would be the same--but if the new ones are the same dimensions, it should fit the same way.

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Buy some 1.5" stainless 18 ga. brads. Not bright steel, not even galvanized.
It's correct that they were a friction fit originally. Any nails in the bottom 1/3 will make it a bad job for the next remover of the p-beads. Nail sparingly.

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Well, heck, if I don't have to nail them in, I'm not gonna!

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Personally I would go to a lumberyard get 1 1/2" brads and a had brad driver and just push them in. While originally friction fit a couple of nails will insure that they will not fall out.

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