Source for door hardware?

elizamammaAugust 3, 2014

We are in the process of remodeling and adding on to our house. While it's not an old house, we're shooting for a farmhouse style, so I thought this forum might be able to help me out. I'm looking for fairly traditional door hardware for our interior doors similar to the one below. I've found them at Rejuvenation, House of Antique Hardware, and Van Dyke's (the brand on that site is Brass Accents). There is a pretty wide price difference, so I wondered if anyone had experience with these brands? I found mixed reviews of the oil rubbed bronze finish on the House of Antique Hardware, and I can't find anything about Brass Accents. I've used Rejuvenation and been happy with them but would love a cheaper option as we have many doors. Thanks for any help!

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You can also look at Schlage and other more mainstream hardware makers. They might have a traditional looking one.

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Try Lee Valley or McMaster Pacific. Not sure what exactly what you are looking for but they have hdwr.

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I've purchased hardware from Rejuvenation and House of antique hardware. With Rejuvenation you know what you get but you are paying a bit more. House of Antique Hardware also has good quality products but they do have more options at different price points. You need to pay attention to the descriptions for the particular product price point. When I did my kitchen remodel I had purchased some cabinet hardware from HOAH which I returned as it was what I considered a cheap knock-off. I've purchased other HW items that I was very happy with.

I do want to add that I haven't purchased much from Rejuvenation since they were purchased by Williams-Sonoma in 2011. I purchased a replacement shade for a fixture I bought in 2010 a few months ago and it took nearly 8 weeks to get the shade. It was a standard off the shelf item so the delay really shocked me. I saw a few online comments that the store has changed and the last catalog I got was focused on furniture and other knick-knacks. I think that Rejuvenation is going the way of Restoration Hardware. Once upon a time you could actually buy hardware at Restoration Hardware....

Sacto Diane

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Brass Accents makes quality products at a fair price. There aren't many companies making hardware that looks as decorative as Brass Accents anymore. They are also made out of solid brass, which is also uncommon.

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