Power bill at ole joyful's place

joyfulguyFebruary 22, 2013

We recently went to Smart meters for power, and there are three prices related to time-of-day usage, cheapest nights, weekends, 6.3 cents/kwh; mid-range, morning and evening either spring and fall and during day in winter and summer, 9.9 cents kwh, and peak rate, morning and evening in two seasons and during the day or morning and evening in the other two, I can't remember which, at 11.8 cents/kwh.

I find that the major part of our usage (including landlord's shop) is during nights and weekends. Prices for only power ran from a low of $23.22 in June to a high of $49.90 in the next month, only slightly over a quarter of the total bill.

Delivery charges, somewhat related to the price of the electricity used, but it's not a direct relationship, ranged from $44.01 to a high of $58.04 the next month, same as the earlier ones.

There are regulatory charges, as well, from a low of $2.13 (same as above) and a high of $4.19, as above.

The system has developed a debt and, despite their not having built a major generating station in 35 years, so we figure that they should have money in the till for replacement, we're paying that off, from $1.92 to $4.00 monthly, as above.

There's a harmonized federal and provincial sales tax added, from $9.27 to $15.10, again, same months as above.

Total usage for the year that we paid was $1,031.05, but the province has been providing a temportary reduction of 10% of the bill, so that's only 90% of what the full cost was.

I haven't used an air conditioner, but used a dehumidifier in summer, no humidifier in winter, use an oil-fired furnace and pump water from our wells, including some for garden and landlord's shop where he repairs farm machinery. Landlord has wood-fired furnace in the shop, he cuts his own wood.

Landlord pays 10 - under 15% of the bill.

ole joyful

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My youth days, we had a coal burning furnace in the basement.

Coal truck would drive to the back yard and coal sent down a chute to the basement. My dad's job to shovel it and keep us warm.

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just got my gas bill...about $350 this month...electric has been running at a more moderate $200....i admit the heat doesn't go much below 70, and yes we do need more insulation...and we're one of the few home with NO fireplace to supplement...

one town here in detroit got the water bill messed up BIG time...a middle class, lets say 1000 ft homes (i call them motor indusry homes, built for the workers) of $2 -3000 grand cause the bill didn't go out, for over a year...and they had actually cut off some of the customer water because otheir error??

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Ed-up here in the Bancroft area, combining the regulatory,delivery,retirement and taxes has my monthly bill @ $108.00/month BEFORE I use any of the power at all.This little house is heated with a high eff.propane furnace(brand new 2010) and total square ftg is only 560.
My "actual" power usage averages about $40./month,some months being a bit less,others a wee bit more(summer-CA)

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Yeah, we have the "smart" meter whether we want it, or not. I don't love the idea of it but at least my bill didn't go up by a ton the way some peoples' did. Hopefully they've worked the kinks out by now.

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We live in Toronto and were one of the 10,000 households first chosen to "test" the Smart Meters. Frankly, no one should have had to have a Smart Meter until everyone did. I feel the same way about the Garbage/Recycle Bins - they started with our end of the City while people in neighbouring areas continued to put out what they wanted to. Our costs are ridiculous when you consider that we live in a small bungalow - just the 2 of us, with a dog. Hydro, Gas, Metered Water, Garbage and of course the dreaded NO FAULT INSURANCE. I am ballistic about the latter considering that a week ago a SUV decided to pull out of a car wash and turn left - speeding of course - crossed 2 lanes of traffic and smashed into me as I was sitting in a designated turn late with a traffic light. Stupid me was on the phone trying to get the police to come since it was 100% obvious I was not at fault - if nothing else I wanted that on record - not about to happen. This happened in a very busy part of town and there were several witnesses - but not one person would help me - or come forward - but they sure wanted me to move my car - but to where? I was alone and was not certain the car could even be driven. I do not have a cell phone so wasn't playing on that. I had just had my eyes tested that week - 20/20. Thankfully, the dog was not in the car. I did not get home until 10:30 that night - accident happened at 4:30 p.m. The police were very nice to me at the accident reporting centre and agreed that it would have been nice if someone had come forward. It has been a week and I have still not spoken to the insurance adjuster. If you have an accident try and do so between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday to Friday. I am very happy that when Ontario decreased insurance coverages a few years ago I called and paid the difference to up ours back to where it was. It seems that these days nothing is anyone's fault which is a problem - especially considering the misuse of cell phones - the texting etc. while supposedly driving. We have a rental but it does not have snow tires. I am afraid to drive anywhere in case someone hits me with the rental car and we keep getting snow. You know things are bad when my husband suggests that I drive. The car is a 2002 but only has 48,000 km on it - obviously we don't drive far - husband takes TTC. If we didn't have the dog frankly I would be tempted to give the car up now. Many people once they no longer have the need - other than convenience are doing just that - you can take a lot of taxis etc. or rent cars (in summer with their insurance) for the price of our car's insurance, repairs, gas etc. This is my rant today! Sadly, whenever I have witnesses such an accident I have always provided the victim with my name/phone number to give to the police. I have done so many times in the past, but now, frankly, I would really have to want to help someone out before I would do so again. I am still waiting for Karma and so far it hasn't...

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My last 3 natural gas bills were $89, $134 and $130, and that includes all the various little taxes and other fees and charges.

My last 3 electric bills were $28, $30, and $41, including all the various little taxes and other fees and charges. (Hmm, quite a bit higher last month. Need to look into that.)

They show their per therm and kwh rate but to me that's deceiving. I still have to pay the other fees, including a flat fee whether I use electricity/gas or not, (not unlike those ClubCo store scams) so to me all of those charges need to be factored in to gain an accurate cost per unit.

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It is my impression that if one signs up for reduced power charges with one of the different providers, the only portion of the bill that is affected is the cost of the power produced, and mine is usually a quarter to possibly a third of the total bill.

The main charge is the delivery cost, and as the other "provider" isn't doing the delivering, I expect that fee would remain unchanged.

Same for "Admin", "Debt retirement" and "Harmonized sales tax". The "harmony" is not related to singing - it's just that the feds and the province got together and amalgamated their consumption tax charge.

Most food is excluded from the harmonized sales tax: but not snacks or candy ... a couple of muffins in a pack taxed (snack), a dozen not, as "food".

ole joyfuelled ... with a bit o' help from a muffin, here and there, usually bought by the dozen ...
...and seldom buy them in the coffee shop

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