New Tin Roof Over Old Tin Roof

davey4000August 10, 2008

I just bought some property with an old log cabin on it. The tin roof leaks and is pretty rusty. Is it possible to cover the old tin with a completely new tin roof or does the old roofing "have" to come off?

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For those who may get technical...metal roof.

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I would think it is ALWAYS better to remove an old roof before installing a new roof.

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this has a lot to do with if you can secure the new roof to the roof deck and that has a lot to do with how your house was built.

Some metal roofing MUST be placed directly on top of a solid, smooth, roof material. Others can be installed with an air gap between the old roof and the new metal roof. Wood strips (purlins) are placed over the old roof and attached securely to the roof deck. The new metal roof is then attached to these wood strips.

I think this would be possible for you to do. However, I would think that maybe removing the roof would be worth your while, as you may get some money for it because many metals are very expensive right now and companies are willing to buy and recycle it. Removing a metal roof would be easier than removing an asphalt roof also.

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