cast iron fireplace insert?

hgolightlyAugust 16, 2009

We have a 1910 Greek Revival with three fireplaces. We recently purchased a lovely cast iron fireplace insert and I have some questions regarding installing it.

Although it fits perfectly in our fireplace, due to it's weight (and the fact that it sits straight up in the fireplace opening) it falls forward when we place it in the opening. This makes we wonder if there was some sort of 'latch' in the original fireplace (in the home from where it came) that would hold the insert in place?

Since we are wanting to use it in our home (which was not designed for the insert), are there any suggestions as to how we can get it to lay snuggly in the opening, yet not tip forward?

I should also mention that it is in two sections. One larger rectangle that fits in the fireplace opening and also on the outside of the brick, and then a very decorative cast iron "screen" that goes in the middle.

Am I missing parts? Any thoughts from those who have an insert like this, or know anything abou them as to how I can make this work in my home?

Many thanks!

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A picture would be helpful.

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I have a few questions about your insert. If you have a pic it would help greatly. First, have you checked with a professional to make sure the fireplace will handle the heat that comes with a insert? I have found with previous experience that they can become very hot. Have you checked with the former owners of the insert if it requires some kind of support? This sounds obvious, but not everyone knows what someone else takes out of the home and how it works. Last but not least, did you google the name of the insert and model or description? If you have it, I would be willing to do some research. I have somewhat of and obsession with solving problems (much to DH's consternation). LOL. I learned a lot working with my mother remodeling when I was young and have found I have a strong desire to keep learning. I think we all do. Good luck and hope you get to enjoy your beautiful new fireplace insert.

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I am off on a cross country trip tomorrow morning, but will post photos upon my return!

But, to be honest, we are looking for the insert to be purely decorative (at this point). The fireplace is working, but we haven't used it in 4 years (yes, I know. Shame on us!)

We purchased the insert from an antique store, but they recently acquired it from a home, so good idea, I will contact them, and see if they have additional hardware.

And yes, there are clear markings on the inside of the insert, so I will grab that as well.

Many thanks for everyone on this forum--what a gift this place is!

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