Gas range (36" & wider) owners...question for you

babs711February 12, 2013

After living with our Thermador since the end of June, I keep wondering about others' experiences with the preheat and cooldown times. This is our first pro-range so I'm not sure if this is normal or not.

The cooling fan on our Thermador is pretty loud. It comes on after about 15-20 min. The oven is fully preheated about 1-2 minutes after the cooling fan has kicked on. The loud cooling fan takes 20-30 minutes to shut off after we turn the oven off. If I crack the oven door, it will shut off within 1-2 minutes.

Is this normal? What are your experiences?

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I have a Thermador, too, but my previous Jenn-Air was MUCH louder than this range! My Thermador gas oven takes a long time to preheat, though.


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Circus Peanut

I have a 39" gas range/oven from 1949, so I'm not much help except for asking a dumb question: what is the "cooling fan" for? Do all new gas ovens have these?

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I am a little confused -- What is it that makes you think that the behavior of the cooling fan is linked to the width of the range?

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I have a 48", double oven, professional-style (Jade/Dynasty) range and there are no cooling fans in it.

It sounds like you can shorten the after-use fan by cracking the door open, which sounds like an excellent and simple way to handle it.


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I'm not getting this cooling fan either......Is your range a dual fuel? My 36" DCS all gas has a convection fan, but not one for cooling. All-in-all, it's extremely quiet.

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I've read here that wider ranges take longer to preheat. So I assumed they also took longer to cool down.

It is an all gas range. This is not the convection fan. Apparently, some pro-ranges now have cooling fans to protect the electronic controls from overheating. It's not quiet. It's almost as loud as our overhead vent hood. So we are very ready for it to shut off. The manual says its supposed to come on when the oven reaches 400-degrees. But it comes on even when we cook at 325.

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A. Is your range still under warranty? It's time to call someone, possibly the installer, probably just for an adjustment.

B. Have you considered posting in the appliances forum? Those folks are pretty clever. Good luck getting this resolved.

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I'm on the phone with Thermador right now. We did have our local service people come out a while back when we were having issues with our Electrolux icemaker. We were having issues with the controls on the front getting hot. I had asked the service man why the control blower came on at any temp when it says in the manual it should only come on at 425 or higher. He did not give me a definitive answer. I wasn't too happy with his answer. The lady on the phone says it shouldn't be coming on at 300-400 degrees and to have them come back out. *sigh*

Thanks all!

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