Inset cabinets. Another benefit.

CEFreemanFebruary 3, 2014

Dust and fur!

So, I've been making face frames for my kitchen cabinets. Long story, but I have this great little tool that will bead the frames for me. Someone on the Woodworking board made it for me.

I have discovered something interesting I mentioned elsewhere, just a moment ago.
I have some cabinets that are still overlay doors. My favorites are my beaded inset, slowly replacing the overlays.
I took a couple overlay doors off today and realized that all the dust and fur in my house is falling into these cabinets.

Dust and crap fur, etc fall down. It doesn't go sideways unless there's a fan or a breeze, neither of which I have.

So all the air junk floating around my house has been sifting down between the overlay doors and the cabinets, to settle on my dishes and stuff I hide in there.

On my inset doors, everything is a lot cleaner, because dust doesn't go sideways! [epiphany of brilliance here]!

Also, all this hoo-ha about losing 3/4" of space in your inset cabinets? No. The cabinets are brought out to the 12" or 24" depth with the inset doors sitting inside that extended face frame space. Overlay doors are tacked on top of a the frame. If they stuck the inset door into a regular face frame, sure, your cabinets are 3/4" more shallow. That's why the cabinets are normally built deeper.

Did that make any sense?

But remember: inset doors means cleaner crap valuables inside your cabinets.

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lol, this is always a good thing!

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I thought it was gonna be a picture of a cat!

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That's really interesting! Those who love inset can now use that as a practical reason they must have that style.

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I have always been annoyed by the posts, "but you'll get so much more space with frameless". Maybe yes. It really depends on your layout and how custom you can do the inset.

With many inset manufacturers (Shiloh, Showplace, P&F), you can do a "Combine Charge" which eliminates a stile/end panel. For instance, in my kitchen, I combined my pot and pan drawers with my sink base. I got slightly wider drawers doing this. PLUS, it just looks nicer with less "cabinet seams" where they are screwed together.

I once did a kitchen for a client....she had a galley kitchen. I gave her 96" long COMBINED bases and it looks 'site built'....very custom. The cabinet installers liked it too.....took less time to install!

With frameless, you need more fillers for clearance issues. With inset, fillers are minimized or not required at all. The stile ACTS as a filler.

And I agree, CEFreeman, I never thought about it before, but you're right about the dust!

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'm doing just what you're mentioning, making frames with smaller stiles. i.e. rather than each cabinet having a side stile of 1.5" each, = 3" between cabinets, I'm having them share the stile, so there's only 1.5" between them. I felt quite clever, and I also thought it looked more custom! Well, custom since I'm building them! LOL!

I just figured out how to use the clamp on my Kreg Pocket Jig thing. I couldn't figure that sucker out. Plus, I wasn't setting my collar correctly, so my screws weren't holding. I was mucho frustrated. But today, the light is shining, the birds are singing and I've made a beautiful W3636 with a higher rail, that will make a stacked cabinet look.

Have I mentioned recently how cool I am sometimes?
Now, I just gotta make my doors. That's the easy part!

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I too have always said make the stiles as small as possible and combine cabs in one piece where possible. Also in this kit I brought the cabs to the floor. The only toe kick I have is at the sink. That adds a lot of height to the drawers.

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I really need pictures of this. It doesn't have to be all done, I just want to see the process.


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