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gigi-fAugust 21, 2007

One of my problems is that I do so many different kinds of art/sewing/creating. The main one is, I make dolls - not just the fabric bodies (not porcelain), but the clothing, the jewelry, the hats, shoes, stands, the whole bit. So there's a bit about 20 different techniques in each piece. And so, I have quite a selection of supplies. I have whittled them down and I'm sure I'll have more to go as I continue, but there's quite a bit left that I REFUSE to dispose of, because I use it. I have come up with a few suggestions, and hope someone here can come up more:

I have tried different things for the patterns and various books - the books are on a shelf, that's ok. But the patterns don't seem to fit anywhere.

I can't figure out where to put an unfinished piece while I'm waiting for something to dry, or something to be done.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Some I have worked on:

I have sorted beads, doll hair, and small embellishments by color, each type in a tiny plastic bag, each color in a clear show box, boxes stacked on a shelf.

I have really small things (teeth, eyes, eyelashes, small notions etc) in one of those tool-sorting drawer things.

I have the paints and various sprays, fabric treatments, etc on spice racks behind the door.

I have papers, stamps, punches, decorative scissors and so on (also used for scrap booking) on a separate shelving unit.

I used to work for a furniture store, so I have hundreds of tiny hangers for displaying fabric samples (really great - anyone want some?) and most of the fabrics are hanging in the closet.

Clay in a clear shoe box. Molds in a plastic three-drawer rolling dresser-type thing (clay for little parts like shoes, molds for various things)

Yarn, wigs, wood pieces for making stands, and small accessories (props) I am still trying to sort, right now they're all in a big box.

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Do you have a separate space for all of this? Or are you having to do double duty, like in a formal dining room?

I have open shelving in my sewing room. I use the clear shoe boxes for numerous things. You might try standing the patterns up in one without the lid. That's what I do. Fabric is stacked on the shelves. I try to have the stuff loosely grouped by activity. My sewing stuff all in one spot, rug making in another. I don't put all of the books together, but keep them with the activity group.

No matter what I'm putting together, I like clear containers. That allows me to grab the correct shoebox or box without going through a dozen of them. By keeping the boxes a consistent size, I'm able to stack them on the shelves more easily.

It really sounds like you have a good start and it's one of those things that will continue to evolve, depending upon projects and time. I've just found I need large categories, because once I'm knee deep in something it becomes a total mess. I just need to be able to put the stuff away easily.


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I know Talley Sue will chime in with this, but when stacking shoe boxes on shelves it is really helpful if shelves are spaced close enough to stack no more than 2 boxes high.
And why not have an extra shelf at the bottom empty just to set things on temporarily to dry etc


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Patterns: I have a box specifically made to store patterns--it's roughly the size of a pattern standing on its end, and you can flip through them like index cards.

Nancy's Notions sells them for about $13.

I keep all my stuff in these neato rectangular plastic food containers that don't have lips on the ends of the lids, so they work like drawers w/ lids (the lack of a lip ont he end means I can pull out the middle one in the stack easily, bcs you don't have to lift them up to get them over the lip). They don't make this design anymore, I'm sad to say. I guard mine very carefully now.

I really like the "shallow drawer" concept for sewing notions, etc. Bcs the stuff is small, and I want to be able to see it easily. And I take the "drawer" out and set it on the table while I'm working.

This company has boxes that let you pull the middle one out easily. The sweater size might be good for threads and tools, etc. Though it may be a tad too deep (4.75 inches; mine are about 3.5, and that's deep enough). I don't know how sturdy they are.

And I SO understand that you need a place to put in-progress stuff.

Can you use one of those collapsible triple cooling racks on a shelf to make extra layers of drying space??

Or a basket? I used to fantasize about peg-board over a sewing table, w/ a large basket or shelf that was reserved for in-progress stuff. Maybe you just need to designate a spot (in a basket or box, or on a shelf--whatever works) for the in-progress stuff. Label it, if you find you need to keep yourself honest?

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How about some peg board and the pegs for a place to let things dry, depending on what it is you are working on at the time it may work for some stuff.

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