Nothing like a dead fridge!!

beacheAugust 1, 2005

My old fridge started dying. It would cool, but then shut down, so the new one came this morning. I spent much of yesterday cleaning out the old one. What a great feeling! I threw out so many things I'd been keeping "just in case" (like rice flour, dried coconut, capers that I bought for one stupid recipe).

I found meat in the back that was so freezer burned. It's all going in the garbage. So nice to start fresh! And with my new bottom freezer fridge, I'll be able to see all the fresh food so much better. Maybe no more green leftovers in the back!

It got me motivated to go on to the rest of the house!

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What are great happenstance! Congratulations on your new bottom freezer fridge. By the way, how many cubic feet in the freezer and then in the fridge?


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I love my bottom freezer fridge because it's much easier to see what I have in the fridge part and I do a lot less bending since I don't go into the freezer that often.

It's fun to get something new, especially when it inspires us to get more organized in other parts of the house.

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I once had a flood in my basement when my clothes washer overflowed . Took me about four hours to drag everything out to the garbage. And that's what a lot of it was all along-just garbage. Brown paper bags I was saving, ratty old towels, stuff like that. The basement looked beautiful after I mopped up the water, and the lineoleum floor got washed in the process.

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Then there is my neighbor who will soon be selling her place w/ TWO freezers full of rotten food ..... she sez she just doesn't do nasty things, won't touch them ..... and the buyer can get rid of the freezers!!! DUH!!!!! I should also add that if anything spoils in refrigerator, like a casserole, the casserole DISH gets tossed, along a/ the offending rot!

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