What's for Dinner thread suggestion

ruthanna_gwSeptember 3, 2012

With so many photos in the WFD threads, wouldn't it make it easier to view the latest postings if the threads were confined to 50 posts instead of 100?

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I agree.....or limit it to one picture per post...or even 2! But when you get people posting 5 or 6....by the time gets to 100 it's very cumbersome.
I stop looking at about 60 posts.....but also remember when they would go to 150...before some began posting many pictures of the same dish.

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100 was the limit before GW extended each post to 150. But we always stopped the WFD thread at 100.

I don't have a problem with the photos loading quickly but if others do, than I think Ruthanna's suggestion is a good one.

Ruthanna, if you have a post ready for WFD, just start a new one.


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For me it's not an issue with load time, but with the length of time it takes to scroll through all the photos and recipes. Although I enjoy visuals (I wish every recipe had a photo!), I generally don't open the thread once it starts getting long because if the time factor.


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If I may offer a differing opinion... I've considered suggesting just the opposite - let them go to 150. I just assumed the 100 limit was a relic of internet speeds from times past. Even with one bar on a cell phone, for me a full WFD thread doesn't take all that load to download. Everyone quickly learns what they're clicking into when clicking on a WFD thread, so I suggest if on a slow connection just hold off clicking until you've got something else to attend to for a minute. That's what I do, anyway.

I realize that internet speeds vary considerably by region and service, so my metro NY experience may not equate to other areas. On the other hand, I always think of the new WFD threads as a conversation interrupted. If you've posted pictures from a hosting site and looked at the stats, you've probably noticed that there's significant viewership of the threads which abruptly goes to next to nothing once a new thread is posted. Personally I'm always a little sad to see a good WFD thread end.

All this to say, I'd vote against lowering the count but that's just my vote. Majority rules!

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For those of you who are as impatient as I am, all you have to do is click on the WFD thread, and then open new windows to visit another thread, site, work on another application, etc. while the WFD thread is loading.


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Once the page is loaded, you don't need to physically scroll down to the bottom.

On any web page, the END button brings you immediately to the bottom and the HOME button right up to the top again.

So I hit END to get to the bottom of the page and just scroll up to see where I left off.

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I read the WFD thread on a regular basis,so like Jasdip, I just scroll down to where I left off. The page loads instantly for me even when we are at 100.

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Also these two ways:

1. The vertical Scroll bar on the right side of the screen, you can drag that with your mouse to move instantly anywhere up and down the whole 100 posts.

2. If you have a wheel mouse, press down the wheel, the mouse now can move the screen up, down. left and right.


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I don't participate in that thread because I don't have much to add. WFD last night for me was a chicken sandwich. Anyway, would it help to limit the thread by WFD This Week? or Month? I suppose that way the older thread would scroll off sooner. Just a thought. My connection speed is fast so any thread loads quickly.

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I think the WFD thread is just fine, the way it is. I have no problems with loading, but then, I'm on cable high speed. I read it on a regular basis even if I don't post all that often.

There are a couple of things that I find irritating, one is pictures that are posted too large. The second is multiple pictures of the same thing. But that might be just me.


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I guess the consensus is "If it's not broken, don't fix it". I'm fine with that and really do enjoy seeing and reading about the wide range of dinners.

Thanks for the suggestions. I use those methods like the End button when I am on my home computer but with more time on my iPad away from home, I don't always operate under the same conditions.

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When I mentioned scrolling, I was speaking figuratively. I don't generally have time to visit the WFD thread (or this forum, for that matter) on a daily basis like many of you, so remembering where I left off in a long thread after several days isn't always that simple. Heck, I can barely remember where I put my keys a few hours ago ;) But I'm probably in the minority and am not a frequent poster these days, anyway. Just thought you might want a different perspective given that the thread seems to be dropping off the front page a lot these days.

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