Favorite no-fail laundry stain remover?

kgsdAugust 29, 2008

They've discontinued my favorite stain-remover - argh! None of the conventional stain removers (Shout, etc) ever seem to work on my toddler's clothes. (Oxyclean sometimes works, but not always.) Can anyone recommend a stain remover that seems to work miracles?

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Plain old hydrogen peroxide is my go-to stain remover. It removes blood , grass, grease, food stains. And it's cheap.

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Never knew about peroxide until my DD had a nose bleed after hurricane (no electric and no water) and bled all over my sectional. It came right off about 12 days later when we finally got water and lights. Rubbing alcohol is great also. When you clean or soak something with a stain do it in cool water not warm.

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Thanks! Does hydrogen peroxide work on colors?

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Greased Lightening...works for me on almost everything.

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I've tried everything over the years and Oxyclean Spray works the very best for me. I love it! It's taken out new ink stains, old ink stains, grape juice and wine stains, rust, grass and blood stains, too, among others.We're a messy family and Oxyclean helps us to, at least, start out clean and stain free.

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"Best" stain remover would depend on the type of stain. Overall I have found both Oxyclean and hydrogen peroxide to be the best overall broad spectrum cleaners. Not used together. I just always have both on hand to use.

*I learned in the Cleaning Forum here that *sunlight* will remove those difficult to remove pollen stains that gardeners get on their clothes from lilies. After trying everything cleaner I had, I did not believe it would work. I just laid the items outside on a table for a day and *Poof*!

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Spray and Wash stain stick----- gel

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I was using some kind of "dual action" stain remover -- a liquid that came with a two-chambered bottle. Squirt it on, rub it in, then throw the garment into the washing machine. But it took the dye out of a couple of garments, ruining them.

About that time, a friend gave me a bar of lavender laundry soap. The stuff works! It is super-slippery, so maybe the pH is the reason it gets out the stains. Or else it's just the fact that I'm using soap, and rubbing gently to work up a lather. But I love my laundry soap. It doesn't remove dye from fabric. And it has successfully removed dried blood, food stains, and other challenging stains.

I have also used peroxide at times, on white cotton.

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Can you use hydrogen peroxide on a brown microfiber couch?

When I had lived close to the equator years ago, sunlight definitely took out stains. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself. I first noticed it when a spaghetti stain seemed to disappear but I convinced myself that I must have been mistaken that there was a stain on that shirt. So, next time there was a bad stain, I made a mental note of it and the sunlight did get rid of it.

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I was given a bottle of Whink Rust stain remover by my MIL when first married. I still swear by it, and have used it on everything from very old doilies to the a rusty looking white 1 Ton truck. (DH was very impressed and grabbed the bottle and took over!) Won't help on regular stains, but keeps you from throwing out those favorite clothes that have come in contact with something even as innocent as a snap that was wet...

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I've had good luck with Goop. Its a hand cleaner/laundry stain remover. A friend stumbled across it when looking for something to take stains out of her son's baseball uniform. It took out set in grease stains out of a shirt I'd given up on.

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Carbona products are great. There are different formulas for certain stains but all I have tried work great. You used to be able to find them at Wal-Mart, and grocery stores but now the only place I have found locally is Hancock's Fabrics.

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Lestoil for salad dressing, motor oil, lipstick (anything greasy). It works every time, but stinks to high heaven.

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Folex. That stuff is amazing. You can find it at Wal-Mart. It got rid of grease stains on some of my husband's shirts and blood on a comforter. It smells nice and you don't have to rinse it out if you don't want to. I had black marks down a white shirt the other day. I put it on and went downstairs where I noticed it in the bathroom mirror. I simply sprayed the Folex and when it dried the stain was gone and there was no water mark, nothing. It is a great, great product. And I don't work for them. You can work it in with your fingers and not have to worry about it being toxic.

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Something I forgot to mention about the Lestoil. When you get it home pour it into glass jars (like leftover spagetti sauce jars). I have had numerous Lestoil bottles fail (the bottom melts away). One time it was only after having the bottle a week or two, it stained my pantry floor.

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I like Zout, but I think they changed the formula, doesn't seem to be quite as good as it used to be. Good to know about these other options.

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Spray and Wash in the airesol can and pre-soak in Biz works for me.

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