Vacation prep

bronwynsmomAugust 9, 2008

We leave for a week's much deserved vacation tomorrow, and as I get packed and ready, I realize how far I have to go to get this house into what my mother calls "dying order."

If anything happens to us, I am leaving a sympathy note and a hand grenade for my heirs!

But, oh, am I ready for this!

So have a lovely week, you-uns, and I'll look forward to catching up when we come home.

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So it's not just me who has to leave the house in "dying order"! DH doesn't understand this and thinks it's irrational if it in anyway delays departure. The bonus is coming home to a clean house so you can enjoy post-vacation rest.

I hope all goes well for you and your trip is wonderful.

BTW: I have a static "PACK" and "DO" list attached to the door to the garage in one of those magnetic picture holders so I don't have to constantly be concerned if I forgot something. I have one list for road trips and one for air. I do a final check when we walk out the door.


 5-Hour Energy
 Audio books
 Cell phones & chargers
 Palm pilot
 Cats-food, water, litter
 House sitter
 Inform neighbors
 Lock doors
 Stop newspaper
 Turn AC up
 Turn off appliances

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My mom always made us pick up and clean before we leave. I thought she was nuts.

But when I got my own place, I realized that it was really depressing to come back in to a home that was disordered--even if it was only a little bit, daily-living out of whack.

My DH thought I was nuts at first, until the first time we jointly went on vacation and came home to an apt. w/ small messes around.

Now he's a big force for cleaning it before we leave--and I try harder to explain to my kids why it's important.

(but of course, "dying order" means, no perishables in the fridge, plants well watered, etc.)

Mustangs, I like that "static list"!

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My BIL used to super-clean his house when he went away on vacation. He had hired a neighbor to come in, bring in mail, water plants, etc. He was terrified she would gossip if the house was messy or dirty. He even mopped his kitchen floor. And this is a man! No wonder his wife loves him. MY own DH doesn't give a darn. And he always forgets something when he packs. In 2004, when we cruised Alaska, he forgot to pack underpants and an extra pair of jeans. Thank heaven for the clothing stores on a cruise ship!

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It is similar to hurricane prep. You clean your house when a hurricane is bearing down in your direction so that if you lose the electricity for a few days, you have clean clothes and a clean house.

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I don't think my husband cares, but since I always have to have a house sitter for the dogs, I do make sure everything is fairly neat and tidy (maybe not "dying" ready, just neat and organized). That way the house-sitter won't have to work around clutter to make sure the dogs are taken care of, open/shut blinds, etc.

It is nice to come home to a clean house though - I don't travel often, and by the time we get back, I'm ready to hole up like a hermit and spend time with the dogs, instead of cleaning.

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I discovered a (probably ridiculously common) packing technique during my last vacation.

Each day I wear a fresh shirt and pair of underwear. (Trousers I rotate). So I wrap each pair of underwear in a shirt and each wrapped "bundle" has all the innerwear I need for that day.

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