Storage of Hurricane supplies - very small house!!

rosesr4meAugust 28, 2007

I have my hurricane "kit" somewhat completed and am very suprised on how big it is for one person (with pets). Since my house is 50 feet from the Gulf and is only 8 feet above sea level, I certainly plan on evacuating when a hurricane threatens. I live in a very small, very old cottage (1200 s.f.) and closets are minimal.

Does anyone have an creative ways to store hurricane supplies other than having a couple of huge rubbermaid totes hanging around? I would like some kind of attractive storage container that I could leave out in the open, but still grab and go when needed.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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How about a box designed for pool supplies? I fill mine with my garden tools,bags of compost and potting soil, etc. It stays out all winter, here in the NorthEast we get lots of snow and wind. It cost about $50 and it doubles as a seat.

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We kept all of our hurricane supplies boxed and stacked/strapped on a small hand truck in a closet. It was very simple just to roll it out when we needed it and was even easy to do it in the dark. The top box contained all the batteries, lanterns, battery TV/radios- things you need fast. I had one in an indoor closet and another in the garage next to the generator with outdoor supplies like tarps, propane, extension cords, duct tape, plastic rolls, and so on. If you have a generator you need to stuff the freezer with food- we were without power for as long as 17 days one year and between the freezer and the grill we ate better than most regular meals.

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Does it have to be indoors? My earthquake kit is in a (previously unused) 40 gallon trash container in my shady side yard. In addition, my regular camping gear is stored in the nearby separate garage in Rubbermaid clear containers if we needed to use the camping gear. Not many hurricanes in Oregon, but we gotta be ready for "the big one". You might consider a galvanized can and decorate it with paint if that's your style... or just put it somewhere out of sight.

The idea of a pool box is pretty good. Or a weatherpoof trunk of some kind that could sit on your porch with some cushions on it as seating? Or 2 smaller boxes with planks over them as a bench.

I suspect a hurricane kit is a bit different in contents than an earthquake kit, so I'm not sure if these will work for you, but good luck!

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I like the idea of a storage bench that could double as a yard sitting spot.

I have a couple 'single' seats with flip tops I got at a Menards for $20. Each would hold a couple cubic feet, maybe 4 to 5. I use one for charcoal and grill supplies and the other for bird bath and garden stuff. They are water tight but not completely bug proof so bag your supplies securely. Maybe throw in an anti-bug product.

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What about having a storage trunk or something that doubles as a coffee table?

Or this may not be suitable depending upon what you need to store. I've always had extra room in my bathroom. Can you add some cabinets or use the existing space in that room to store something else.

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Thank you all for the great ideas. The deck box is a one I will definitely look into. I also like adella's idea of a storage trunk - maybe put the items in pieces of luggage then put into the trunk for quick retrieval.

Celticmoon- will check at Menards for those cubes - they sound like a very space efficient idea (maybe line several up, cover with a quilt, to create a bench under a window ??). The creative juices are starting to flow!

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Roses, these cubes have ledges around the seat like this:

But a deck bench seat would work the same. Might get lucky and find one on summer closeout sale.

Another thought is: do you have high space over a doorway? Like at a atairwell or just inside a large closet or utility room? Run a deep shelf across the top of the doorway on the inside. Even a bathroom - though you would see the stuff up there from inside the bathroom. Works better for a large closet, pantry, utility or other space you don't spend time inside of, but can step into with a stool and then pull down the suppplies from above the doorway.

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Thanks Celtic for your response - just read it as I have been out of town for 10 days. The cube is a nice size and not too obtrusive. It would be handy to have outside the back door to sit on while taking off shoes. Looks like it could be used also as a side table while cooking/grilling. The shelf over the door is another great idea - I actually use one over the bathroom door to stack folded towels. Have to make every inch count! Thanks for the cube idea - I will check out the local target/walmart!

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I recently saw some like this at Sears, if you find you're not having any luck at the other places.

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Thanks Claire, I will check Sears too.

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The trouble with having it outside is that it could get very heavy and you'd want it indoors with you I believe.
Several smaller containers migyht be good so as to be able to move it around.

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Oh. I was thinking it would hold some lets-get-the-heck-out-of-here-NOW bags. Not hunker down bags.

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Celticmoon & minnie_tx .....thanks for responding.

Since I live so close to sea level, I will be high tailing it out when a hurricane threatens. So my intent was to find a container that would hold items inconspicuously until I had to "grab and go".

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but if you're going to "grab and go," wouldn't you perhaps want to take some stuff w/ you that wouldn't be in the box?

Things like photo albums, financial papers, address book--all of which you'd probably have inside, either bcs you're using them or bcs they're safer indoors.

Maybe you could make a list of those things? And keep it somewhere easily found? And check to be sure all those things on the list are easily grabbed, and figure out what you'd put them in to carry them?

Another thing is, w/ hurricanes, you have a day or two of warning nowadays. So if you had a procedure of what to do in the day you're waiting for it to make landfall (keep car full of gas; get $X in cash for travel expenses; cover windows with hurricane shutters; empty fridge; move patio furniture to garage or house; put catfood & travel litterbox in trunk; move keepsakes & financial info to trunk; buy water & travel food and stash in trunk), that might be smart too.

Bcs some of that you can't put in the bench. OK, I guess the pet-care stuff (if you have pets), and even food and water, could be stashed at the beginning of hurricane season and then sit there safely.

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Thanks talley for all of the suggestions! Yes, photos and a few other sentimental (non-replaceable) things I will be taking with me are now stored together so I can quickly collect them. As far as financial papers and addresses, I have made extra copies that are in my hurricane supply boxes (I update them every 6 mos). Other than survival items (water, food, clothing, etc)and pets/supplies, I plan on taking nothing else from the house (space will be an issue in the car as I will be evacuating with my elderly parents and their supplies).

Even though we may have a couple of days warning with a hurricane, my locale is so congested that you have to plan on getting on the road as soon as the warning is put out, otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck in traffic while the hurricane is bearing down. We learned that with hurricane Charley. So now, during the entire hurricane season, I make an effort to keep the gas tank topped, keep the supplies ready to go, have extra $$$ at home, etc., to minimize the time needed to evacuate. Since I live in a "A" flood zone and subject to storm surge, staying put is not a very smart option for me. So...I have to have things readily accessible to throw in the truck when a warning (class 3+) is issued.

I have learned so much how to get my hurricane supplies ready from your posts and others on this forum. Thanks! Super forum!

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